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Double Chili Cheeseburger
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Re: Freddy's? 2017/04/17 15:40:58 (permalink)
There is a Freddy's by me in Selma, in the Forum at Olympia Hills Shopping Center. Now its located close to the access road right down the hill from Chic_Fila. Kind of actually forgot about. Never had their custard, but it's not bad.
Once in a great while I go to Chester's a local San Antonio chain, or to RD Burgers in Cibolo.
Russ Jackson
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Re: Freddy's? 2017/04/18 12:17:25 (permalink)
There is a Freddy's in Centerville Ohio that I have been to three times. It is similar to Steak n Shake. However they seem to be doing it the correct way at Freddy's in Centerville Ohio. The owner is on the floor making sure the food goes out the correct way. The place is impeccably clean and the Burgers are moist and well prepared for this style of burger. I order the:
Double Steakburger California Style
Two steakburger patties, cheese, full slice of onion, Freddy’s Sauce, lettuce & tomato served on a toasted bun.
With the Freddy's Sauce on the side. (Kind of like a spicy Canes sauce IE: Mayo,spices and hot sauce) They also have a Fry Sauce that is very good.
Fries are like Steak n Shake and have to be eaten hot. If they get cold they are not real good.
Side Note they have the largest diameter straws I have ever seen for the shakes and work well for pea shooters. I have a Grandson that allows me to show him things of the past that maybe I should not.
You rarely find a Steak n Shake or Culvers that is run properly any more. When they stick to the original program they can produce a good product. The first time I went to Culvers I was served an excellent burger. Same thing with Steak n Shake. But it has been down hill since. I hate a greasy Thumb Print on my Burger Bun!

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Re: Freddy's? 2017/04/20 01:10:35 (permalink)
Michael Hoffman
I don't know anything about Freddy's, but I can't understand why anyone would ever go to a Steak 'n Shake a second time.

I agree with you Michael.  I vowed SnS off.  I've eaten there twice (close to work) and both times the burgers were laughable.  I hated the shoestring fries too.  The 2nd time I ordered the baked beans.  I wasn't expecting much, but something other than Van Camps right out of the can would have been nice.  Like a fool, I went a 3rd time after years of absence to try something different from the menu, but this time I went in.  After sitting at the counter for 15 minutes with nobody acknowledging my presence even though they were walking right in front of me, I left.  Never again
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