French Toast Frenzy

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RE: French Toast Frenzy 2005/03/08 08:56:15 (permalink)
For the benefit of the forum:

Benny: 1. n Regionally used, pejorative term to describe non-residents at the New Jersey shore. Specifically Summer renters and weekend visitors. Despite the fact that Bennies are considered a nuisance by some residents, they are nonetheless a major part of the local economy.

Sorry Deb,

As a non-resident, you are technically a Benny. At least from memorial day to labor day. However, being that Mom is a full time resident, some may still consider you a local. Unless you park in front of their house.

Just walked the boardwalk for a short stretch last night. Friggin' cold & windy. Water churning too. Still lots of people around.

Those of you who have not been to the Jersey Shore . . . it's worth a trip. Aim for Point Pleasant Beach, and head for the water. In Summer, the boardwalk is much like I envision Coney Island must have been in it's glory days. Carney games, lot's of food, a fun house, mini golf, and a great little amusement park for the kids. Try the waffles with ice cream, it's enough for two. Might want to shoot for a weekday, weekends are a madhouse. Bring lots of cash too.
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RE: French Toast Frenzy 2005/03/08 09:44:24 (permalink)
spaetzelboy--I just have to tell you Ich liebe your moniker!
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RE: French Toast Frenzy 2005/03/08 09:48:05 (permalink)
HHmmmm Benny must be a mainland term, I never heard a clamdigger use it. Of course in the early 1960's there weren't that many full timers so we didn't need to call summer people anything but summer people. My family has been on the island since at least the early 1800's and in the area around Philadelphia since the original land grant to Wm.Penn, altough I'm now in Florida I know where my roots are. Some johnny come lately may try to call me a "benny" or whatever but a walk through any cemetary from Philly to Toms River to Tuckahoe would quickly dispell any doubt.
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