From farm to road food?

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2004/03/09 16:15:41 (permalink)

From farm to road food?

Hi All,

I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster. I'm also a strong advocate of eating locally grown produce and farm products when possible. In fact, I've almost completely given up factory-produced meat products, though I'm certainly no vegetarian.

Does anyone know of some good road food spots that offer meat or produce brought straight from local farms? Any region will do, because I'd gladly make a road trip.



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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/09 16:27:42 (permalink)
    One that comes to mind as a truly great restaurant in every respect, including its use of local produce and oysters is[url='']The Old Post Office[/url] on Edisto Island, SC.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/09 16:28:39 (permalink)
    The Lancaster Dutch Market in Germantown MD (12613 Wisteria Drive 301-515-1019) is a great Amish market that has deli meats and a take-away deli stand with sandwiches and salads etc., as well as an awesome fried/BBQ chicken stand and an in-house restaurant with PA dutch specialties as well as burgers & hot sandwiches etc., that is always packed. I've never eaten in the restaurant itself but I can certainly vouch for the high quality and freshness of the deli meats and the chicken stand, not to mention the rest of the fresh meat, chicken, dairy delights and baked goods.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/09 18:02:31 (permalink)
    Welcome, D.C. Here is a good site. Happily, in Western Mass, we have many options for meat and produce:
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/09 20:39:49 (permalink)
    "The Greenhouse At the the Farm"--Soquel California!--most of the seating is in the greenhouse but in good weather there is seating outside under an arbor---almost all of what they serve is grown their--organic, meats from local sources and seafood from the Monterey Bay! Great place for a sunday afternoon dinner! Haven't been there for a while but i think its still in operation---on Soquel Avenue,i believe, north of Cabrillo College.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/09 21:51:03 (permalink)
    I agree with your sentiments. Luckily, I live on a farm, about as local as you can get. The beef in my freezer is marked 'Sir Robert' the steer's name. I also help manage a grocery store in Madison, WI where most of our produce and all of our meat comes from within 50 miles.

    However, it is hard finding local food on the road. Have you heard of the The Farmers Diner (Barre,VT), it is sort of the darling of this type of road food at the moment. One easy way to find local grub on the road is the website:

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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/10 08:41:13 (permalink)
    I think you will find markets in PA Dutch Country to your liking. The Green Dragon is reviewed on this site ( I also recommend Root's in Mannheim ( The Lancaster Central Market is also great. But do check their schedules before heading out on a roadtrip. They have very limited hours that they are open.

    Everything at these markets are local. Amish meats are some of tastiest you can get. Good luck on your travels!
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/03/10 12:41:21 (permalink)
    There was a very interesting article in the Sunday NY Times on Jan 11 of this year about a fellow in New Hampshire (Vermont?) who runs a traditional Yankee Diner that relies completely on local farms for all of his supplies -- even the meat. He even established his own small scale meat processing operation to cure bacon & ham.

    Unfortunately I don't recall the name of the place, but you can find it in the NY Times archives at

    Looked good.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/04/13 15:40:12 (permalink)
    The one that we like is the Moose Cafe at the Entrance to the
    N C State Farmers Market in Asheville, NC. They always have lots of good vegetables straight from the farmers at the market and have several specials each day in addition to the many vegetables already on their menu. I love their squash casserole and tomato,cucumber and onion salad. When you order corn on the cob, you get an actual fresh ear of corn, not those frozen kind. It is easily accessable to I 26 and I 40 either one.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/06/16 22:05:10 (permalink)
    I just read about a new book in the NY Times yesterday called "Healthy Highways: The Traveler's Guide to Healthy Eating" by Nikki and David Goldbeck. This book has listings keyed to state maps so that you can plan your route and locate healthy restaurants along the way. I plan to buy it as soon as I can hit a bookstore. They also have a website
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/06/17 10:43:55 (permalink)
    Hey DC

    When you come down to the Old Post Office in Edisto SC, also visit the Rosemont Cafe at Seabrook. They have their own farm right by the restaurant. The scalloped turnips are to die for. You will have to trust me! It's right on Bohicket Creek, and the have monthly oyster roasts when the oysters get good. Email me if you want directions.

    mayor al
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/06/17 13:08:13 (permalink)
    Thanks for the tip....Barnes/Noble has the book "Healthy Highways" listed on-line for $ I ordered one !!
    To get free shipping with the on-line purchase the order needs to be over $ I got a couple of BBQ guides (Bill Daniels N C Guide and the 30 best BBQ in Georgia by T Pope) AND some grandkid books from the McDuff Series to balance things out nicely.
    Thanks again for the tip I look forward to reading the "Better choice" book.
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    RE: From farm to road food? 2004/06/22 16:53:20 (permalink)
    Plainville Farms in Plainville, NY (North of Syracuse)is a turkey farm that has a restaurant on-site, so you visit the little critters, then have one for lunch. I've never eaten there, but I'm told its good.

    They specialize in hormone/antibiotic free birds. They can be had fresh (unfrozen) in the Syracuse area.
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