Frozen French Fries

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2006/06/11 03:47:38 (permalink)

Frozen French Fries

Hello All,
Many, if not most, establishments do not cut their own
French Fries. What brand of french fries do you use,
and why? What is the quailty that makes you choose them?
I have also seen that many steak places serve steak fries.
Is the reason because steak fries are bigger and somehow
conveys more of a baked potato or mashed potatoes?
I love french fries and always in search for a new
twist to them. By the way, I hate arby's curly fries,
(just in case some one needs to flame.)
Take Care,

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    RE: Frozen French Fries 2006/06/11 07:41:38 (permalink)
    my supplier has over 60 different fryes to choose from. thats alot of different opinions. we make our own as most of you know. we bake potatos. chill them, and cut into steak fries, almost taterlogs.
    fry and season.. the seasoning is the key. we are up to 50 pounds a day, which is alot for a two person operation.
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    RE: Frozen French Fries 2006/06/27 18:12:17 (permalink)
    I would imagine that fresh, potatos make excellent french fries. sounds like a lot of work but good fries are worth it.
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    RE: Frozen French Fries 2006/06/27 23:22:18 (permalink)
    As Bassrocker said, it's all in the cooking and seasoning. Actually sounds like he serves a darn tasty fry there! I can picture a real crispy outside, and tender inside. (Just lost on the seasoning taste).

    Most places I've worked at, a fry is a fry. Use whatever the supplier sells cheap... Nobody ever complains. Places like Bassrockers are what make a dining experience unique.
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