Fuddruckers vs Zeb's?

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2004/11/10 16:31:24 (permalink)

Fuddruckers vs Zeb's?

Which hamburger establishment do you prefer overall? Both establishments have their merits but I would like to hear from others.

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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/10 19:30:41 (permalink)
    I never heard of Zeb's, but I have been to Fuddruckers twice. Though I have been there twice I have not actually eaten there. The first time i was there it was empty and we waited an hour to get our food when we walked out. An hour for a hamburger? Because the food looked good, we thought we would try it again. The second time I was there we were headed to see the circus and the place was packed. There were several birthday parties. We waited almost an hour and the waitress said it would only be another 15 minutes. After a half hour she came back and said it would only be another ten minutes. If we didn't leave then we would miss the circus. Several months later it closed up and there are no others in the area.
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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/10 19:36:48 (permalink)
    Never heard of Zeb's. Fuddruckers very impressive with their massive array of burger 'fixins. However, quality of actual burger @ FR's not that impressive. Although it WAS cooked to MY order (medium on the slant of medium rare); 'twas rather bland, with no apparent seasoning(s) present. [|)]
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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/10 20:51:22 (permalink)
    Fuddruckers sells big burgers and as I have written, I'm more a fan of the smaller sized ones. But a good 1/2 lb burger with lots of tomato and so forth isnt' bad. But nothing special either.

    At the Fudd's I have been to, you don't have to wait for table service. You order from the counter when you first walk in, and when your order is ready a wireless beeper type device rings and you go up and get your food...

    I thought that order, beeper, pickup combination worked very well.

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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/10 21:04:20 (permalink)
    So maybe someone will fill the rest of us in about Zeb's. Who what where and all that good stuff!

    Ort. Carlton.
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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/10 23:41:04 (permalink)
    wallhd and all y'all,
    This probably isn't what anyone was thinking of, but Zeb's BBQ is on U. S. 29 between Danielsville and Royston, Georgia. An anomaly in this part of the state: their pork is always served dry; you spice it yourself. Their hotter sauce is a vinegar-pepper configuration without sweetness that is only remotely like the similar sauce in eastern North Carolina because it is void of tomatoes.
    Zeb's is about 25 miles from Athens and is worth the drive, especially in the event that gasoline goes down to a sensible price.
    Unburgeredly, Ort. Carlton in Lovely Athens, Georgia.
    P. S. Zeb's was started in the 1930's by Zeb Dean and is carried on by his daughter, son-in-law, grandkids, and other progeny. So there really was a Zeb; I even met him a few times in past years. I doubt if you go to Zeb's Burgerria and ask if Zeb is there you'll get any sort of positive response.
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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/11 20:57:24 (permalink)
    www.zebbs.com I think they are only Upstate NY at this time.
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    RE: Fuddruckers vs Zeb's? 2004/11/16 20:47:28 (permalink)
    We had a Fuddruckers here in Toms River, NJ which replaced a Bonanza. The food was always good. It closed once, then re-opened a few months later under new ownership. Finally, it closed for good in Sept. 2004. I thought it did well, it seemed to always be busy? I thought they had one of the best burgers around.
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