Garlic Bacon

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2010/05/22 11:34:38 (permalink)

Garlic Bacon

I may have posted this quite some time ago, in any case if you love bacon, and who doesn't, and garlic, try this...fry your bacon crisp or rubbery if you prefer, and after you put the papertowel to it, sprinkle it with granulated garlic, refrigerate it for and hour or so, overnight if you like, and munch away, tell me what you think!

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    Filet Mignon
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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/22 13:57:31 (permalink)
    Sounds like heaven to me! I don't have any bacon in the house but just might have to get some.
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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/22 21:27:55 (permalink)
    that sounds very interesting!!
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/23 21:29:38 (permalink)
     Sounds like pork jerky to me. I would add black pepper to mine though.

    David O.

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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/23 22:26:05 (permalink)
    sprinkle it with granulated garlic

    I would try it!  Yesterday at one of our local markets there were 12 oz. packages of hickory smoked bacon for a dollar each.  I bought one but wished I'd gotten more - took it home - weaved the slices, sprinkled them with black pepper and baked until crispy. 
    That bacon - some of those tomatoes with the vine still on them, sliced, some crisp Romaine lettuce on Texas toast and a little dab of real mayo.
    carlton pierre
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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/24 08:45:40 (permalink)
    Sounds good and will have to try.  Years ago I used to sprinkle my baconwith brown sugar but those were the good ole days.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    Re:Garlic Bacon 2010/05/24 10:40:58 (permalink)
    I thought this thread was going to be about one of the garlic-infused bacons I've had, like Nodine Smokehouse's Garlic Bacon (http://www.nodinesmokehou...odinfo.asp?number=C96)

    Which was good, but that much garlic actually makes it taste like kielbasa more than anything else...
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