George Foreman Grill

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RE: George Foreman Grill 2005/03/22 21:31:26 (permalink)
I had onr of small original models and it was really hard to cook a steak or chicken breast evenly because it did not have a spring loaded hinge and only the edge nearest the hinge was cooking. It was great for a quick burger or two, though.
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2005/04/29 01:20:37 (permalink)
Technically, using a George Foreman is not "grilling".

I saw Alton Brown discussing it on Food Network. The GFG sort of steams the meat, as opposed to having the juices carmelize quickly and concentrate via fire or grill heat.

I can see what he is saying.
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2005/07/29 02:31:40 (permalink)
I like both of ours. We have the small one and the biggest one. A hamburger turns out great if you do it right. Chicken breast turns out great. I could never fry an burger again in a pan with the grease.
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2005/12/11 20:11:15 (permalink)
GFG good for quick cooking, grilled burritoes and sandwiches. Use the charcoal for steaks.
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2006/07/26 15:15:00 (permalink)
I had one of the older models, and I did cook steaks on it quite often, and they came out just fine. I am going to buy one of the newer models, which now have temperature controls and removable grill plates.
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2007/08/28 23:39:51 (permalink)
Hello everyone.
I just bought my GF grill today (the G +Broil, model GRB72p) and i think i've already ruined it!
I threw some chicken breasts on it without any oil, and now the grilling surface has burnt crusty stuff that i can't get off! i now realize i should have oiled the surface a little bit, but the instructions made no mention of this--i figured non-stick was just that.
i'd hate to think that i just threw forty dollars away. Can anyone advise me on how to remove the burned-on chicken residue??

Much appreciated!
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2007/08/29 02:42:18 (permalink)
buy some grease lightning....that stuff is the best.
always spray non stick surfaces....
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RE: George Foreman Grill 2007/08/29 12:41:06 (permalink)

When I need to clean my grill after using it for (marinated) chicken and some bits won't come off, I soak a couple of paper towels with hot water, put them over the trouble spots, and close the lid for awhile with the grill off and unplugged. Most of the time the heat and moisture do enough to loosen the pieces and then they can be wiped or scraped off.

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