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Re: Gettin' Along in Li'l Rhody (the July 2017 New England Meet-Up) 2017/08/18 08:31:56 (permalink)
Interestingly enough the Rhode Island clam cake crawl back in June , yielded some surprising results
Jim's Dock  won second prize. If the clam cakes served were the same ones that Sandra and I had a few weeks before Billyboy's visit then I'm not the least  surprised.
Although Aunt Carrie's (rated #4 on the crawl)  gets a bad rap as of late, I've never been disappointed by their clam cakes
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Re: Gettin' Along in Li'l Rhody (the July 2017 New England Meet-Up) 2017/08/20 17:34:13 (permalink)
Well, this was a fabulous read. Some of these places, like DePetrillo's, Hartley's, and Wright's, have been on my to-do list for a long time... and others are brand-new additions. Having recently come back from Chicago, I must say that Sicilia's in particular caught my attention - the photos on their Yelp page look exactly like what I had at Giordano's. I would have thought it was impossible to get that style of pizza out here.
Before I do that, though, I need to get some Portuguese cuisine under my belt, as I have never actually had it!
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Re: Gettin' Along in Li'l Rhody (the July 2017 New England Meet-Up) 2017/09/05 17:19:45 (permalink)
Thanks to you all for the very kind words!  It really was a great trip.  Clear chowder, whole belly clams, stuffed quahogs (aka "stuffies"), clam cakes, hot wieners, coffee milk, doughboys, johnny cakes, chicken dinners, pizza strips, pork pies and Portuguese food were all on my list to try and I managed to have every single one.  I loved them all but the coffee milk, johnny cakes, pizza strips and hot wieners are still haunting my dreams, in the best way! 
Root-Beer Man, Dave's Coffee looks pretty cool and I think I may love coffee syrup.  Looks like Kenyon's Mill has Dave's Original flavor syrup for about $1.00 less than it is on Dave's website.  Order some johnny cake mix and coffee syrup in one shot!  I have to ask, what is the origin of your RF name?  I LOVE root beer and wondering if you're a connoisseur. 

BB, yeah, Kenyon's does sell it a buck cheaper, per bottle but their shipping is more expensive. I usually order two bottles at a time so you get a bit of a price break there and the shipping is only about $8 and it's FAST! If you were ordering a care package of all the mixes and such from Kenyon's it would be an OK deal, but Dave's has them beat on shipping for just a couple of bottles of coffee syrup (about half price).
As for my RF name, it is the same as my Microsoft Gamer Tag and does stem from my love of Root Beer. I have, until recently, run Root Beer and Soda centric blogs but it has lapsed a bit in the last year (dieting has taken a toll on my Root Beer consumption and reviewing). My all time favourite Root Beer is from Capt'n Eli's (Shipyard Brewing) in Maine. It is a perfect example of what a good premium craft Root Beer should be. Squamscot, from New Hampshire is also a really good one and is from a long established company with a great recipe.
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