Goff's Hamburgers

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2003/06/17 12:37:02 (permalink)

Goff's Hamburgers

There's a small establishment on Lovers Lane, just off the North Tollway, in Dallas called Goff's. It's the last one left of a former chain run by Harvey Gough. He has a rather unique sense of humor, placing a statue of Lenin out front. If you don't mind a little good natured verbal abuse, you might find Goff's rather interesting. (Everyone is equally subject to his barrages.) One example: a person went up to the counter and he asked, "What'll it be, Beast?" And there were instances of customers ordering a Coke or a shake, and being asked if they wanted it in a sack. If the answer was "yes" there were times when he would pour the beverage into the sack.
A lot of people wonder how he's stayed in business all these years. I guess it's because the food is pretty good. It's worth a look see.

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    RE: Goff's Hamburgers 2003/06/23 19:51:14 (permalink)
    I think the problem here is that he is too close to Brothers Pizza. Have you eaten at Brothers?
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    RE: Goff's Hamburgers 2003/07/25 18:36:13 (permalink)
    The reason Goff's stays in business is it's one of a few places in the Dallas area that cooks burgers over a fire. There's a place in Richardson that also cooks over a fire, but they are much nicer.

    Del's Charcoal Burgers
    110 South McKinney Street
    Richardson, TX 75081

    I did cheese off Harvey one time. I went to Goff's after buying stamps at a post office vending machine and getting several dollar coins in change. I gave my order to him. He corrected it and rang it up. I then paid with the coins. He looked like he would explode.
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    RE: Goff's Hamburgers 2007/04/03 07:20:04 (permalink)
    Del's was okay,but not great.

    Even though it was clean, I found it hard to stomach watching a guy throw a burger on the grill and then dressing another (without washing his hands)...call me old fashioned. A burger should NEVER be squished over fire-'fire for effect' ruins a patty by drying it out, over cooking it on the outside, leaving it undercooked inside.

    The RootBeer in the frosted mug was GREAT however! The lady said it was 'homemade' in Ft.Worth. Very creamy, nice. Nice people in an small town spot...forgotten over time.
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