Goldberg's Pizza

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2006/09/26 01:22:32 (permalink)

Goldberg's Pizza

Goldberg's came up in conversation today. A "venerable" NYC place, which I think is no more. They even had a cookbook. Who remembers Goldbergs? What made their pizza so special (besides the name?)


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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/09/26 09:33:26 (permalink)
    Larry "Fats" Goldberg was a celebrated Kansas City buddy of Calvin Trillin's. His York Avenue pizza palace served deep dish style pizza and was very popular in the 1970's. It's stylized scrip neon sign was included in a Smithsonian exhibit at some point, and may even still be in the museum's archives. Fat's spent his later years in KC and passed away about 5 years ago.
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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/09/26 23:39:53 (permalink)
    i remember the place it was a popular east side hang personally not my kind of pizza but it had it's fans and was very popular.
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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/09/27 13:40:39 (permalink)
    Even though his nickname was "Fats," he actually was quite svelte. He was on an incredibly strict diet for much of his life. The only break from his diet were his bi-yearly trips to KC.
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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/10/16 03:14:17 (permalink)
    I remember Goldberg's Pizza. I ate there at least 3 times a week from 1977 for many years until I didn't work in Manhattan anymore. Then I'd get in there every chance I got. I used to order a bunch to go (halfbaked) and then refrigerate them and cook up a slice whenever I wanted one. One day it was gone - when was that? Maybe around 1999. Geez, I thought I'd have a heart attack when I saw it was closed down!

    The long line of people waiting for tables would go through the restaurant. It helped when the back was open in the good weather. I used to take my lunchtimes at 11:30 am just to beat the rush. We'd often eat there on Friday nights and it was a bit crowded then too. Always a pleasure to eat there.

    Remember those little checks they'd have on the wall. They'd be written to a famous person and have little witty comments. And there were news clipping on the walls and lots of fun things to read. They even made a heart shaped pizza.

    There was a life-sized poster of Larry Goldberg when he was HUGE first in the front of the restaurant but later moved towards the back, but he was thin when he'd greet people by the door. I used to go to the one on 2nd Avenue at around 52rd street, but there was one around 20th street which I had been to and one further uptown. Eventually those other two closed leaving only the 52nd street Goldberg's.

    A guy named John who had worked for Goldberg as a chef bought the place in the early 1970's and owned it at the time that Larry was greeting people at the door. Later he used the back room for steaks from Brazil or somewhere, but I never tried them because the pizza was too amazing. And he brought in a partner who was his cousin or something and his name might have been John too. There was a delivery guy who'd take hot pizzas in the special thick lined bag and bike it to customers who lived nearby.

    We used to enjoy talking to John when he'd stop by our table. John told us he lived in Plainview, Long Island and I never got his last name so I don't know how to find out if he ever opened another pizzeria under another name after they condemned a few buildings on the block so they could build a big monstrosity. John told us he was planning to open a pizzeria on Old Country Road in Plainview, but there was a legal problem with the building at the time.

    The pizza was truly unlike any other. It was deep dish but not too thick. The sauce was sweet and not overpowered by gobs of cheese. There was never any other pizza quite like it.

    If John is reading this or if anyone knows how to contact John, I'd like to know how he's doing and if he ever opened another pizzeria under any name. I am desperate for that pizza of his!
    Please post info here or email me.
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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/10/26 17:18:56 (permalink)
    How sad that the place closed. I'd always wanted to try it back in the days when I was a kid and Larry Goldberg's pizza book was on the shelf with my mom's other cookbooks. It was a very funny book. In one chapter, Goldberg wrote about his pizza recipes that had failed, including (don't know if I believe him), "peanut butter and jelly pizza."

    Goldberg was also written about extensively by Calvin Trillin in Trillin's books about food. Goldberg was always on a diet except when he was in his hometown of Kansas City, where anything was considered OK. That inspired, according to Trillin, quotes from Goldberg such as:

    "My friend and I each had a pie for dessert. He couldn't finish his, so I finished it for him."


    "On my way to lunch, I stopped at Kresge's for a chili dog."
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    RE: Goldberg's Pizza 2006/10/26 18:40:47 (permalink)
    I didn't own Larry "Fats" Goldberg's diet book, but if I recall it had a few days of a strict diet followed by a day where you could eat whatever you wanted and then repeating through the strict days. The thought of that free day with ice cream sundaes and all is what was supposed to get you through the strict days. It obviously worked because Larry was very skinny, but the poster showed him as once being an extremely fat man.

    There was nothing like that sweet sauce of theirs. And I heard that the cheese was specially made, not your average cheese. One of the secrets was that they put the cheese down before the sauce. Oh, that was great pizza.
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