Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu

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RE: Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu 2006/05/04 16:30:36 (permalink)
Man, I leave the boards for a week and the whole thing lights up.

oh well. I bet more people signed up for roadfood than quit that day.

Filet Mignon
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RE: Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu 2006/05/04 18:15:00 (permalink)
For all the frustration I sometimes feel, I still enjoy sharing, either the good or the bad.

For me, it's more the giving. I love seeing my review of Senape's Pitza repeatedly pop back up after sinking for 6 or 8 months. That may be a bit egotistical, but I wrote it to share with people something that is really truly a regional delight that you can't get anywhere else.

Hey, sometimes a member writes a really well thought out review and it sinks onto page 2 or even 3 without a reply, while 250 posts about Kraft vs Hellmann's, Waffle House, and other garbage fills up the day. The place really does have a bad signal/noise ratio a lot of the time. Oh WJ; I might not reply to your baseball trips, but I read 'em all. Just so's you know. This time I'll reply, just to keep it on the front page.

We really do need more posts that actually REVIEW a place. "Pamela's in Shadyside has the best breakfasts in Pittsburgh" (maybe, maybe not) is NOT a review. How were the pancakes? The home fries? What was special? What ticked you off?

I'm sad to see anyone leave, but I'd be more upset if someone kept visiting and getting po'd. All the best, BB.

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RE: Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu 2006/05/07 20:03:07 (permalink)
Originally posted by BakersBoy

I came to this website because I liked the premise. The thought of the Sterns criss-crossing the country for me (and others like me) and finding the hidden gems was very appealing. I learned about places that I had never eaten at before that perhaps I should try. After all I travel all over the country and enjoy trying something new. I have nothing against corporate food. I happen to think that Chili's, Perkin's, Ruth Chris's,and Smith and Wollenski's are all very good and serve a needed purpose. That is, serve their clients the best food that they can.

This should be the mantra of every restaurant in America. Serve the best food that you can. It is axiomatic. Sometimes restaurants go beyond the call of duty and give you a truly outstanding meal. Unfortunately, I have found this the exception rather than the rule when comparing the Roadfood reviews to personal experience. Let me cite a few examples and let me add that these are regional and will be brief.

1. Bobcat Bite: One of the worst Roadfood experiences we have had. We did not get what we ordered, the food was mediocre and the service passable. A big burger but why eat it?

2. I'm sorry but I forget the name. It is in Reno, NV and was in one of the early editions of Roadfood. The food, service and ambiance were well below average. A horrible meal in a horrible setting. I truly am sorry but I blocked out the name.

3. Maine Diner: I know, I know the food is good and the chowder is wonderful. What is not good is the lobster pie. What is also not good is the shrine that they have created in honor of Roadfood. "Build it and they will eat."

4. The Varsity: The biggest disappointment. The dogs were bad,(soggy and not just the buns), the service was worse. It may have been famous at one point but The Varsity has outlived its reputation.

I guess what most frustrates me is that we have become a forum full of hot dogs, hamburgers, barbeque, and chili and paeans to Roadfood. I am currently staying in Berkeley Springs, West Va. Within five miles there are a dozen restaurants and not one is listed in Roadfood. Nor talked about. Park and Dine was here but that is in Hancock, Md. In Berkeley Springs proper there are plently of great restaurants but none is mentioned.

This forum is no longer about where to find regional great food but what is the best ketchup and how you should spell it.

My wife and I can cook pretty much anything we want. We go to retaurants for the experience. To be wowed by something great. It doesn't matter whether it's at Waffle House or The Four Corners' Cafe. I just want a good meal.

Where do I eat in Glens Falls NY, in Brunswick, Ga.(Willies NOT the Ga Pig) where is the best pizza in Michigan? Who cares, get the Friday Fish Fry instead.

Where do Jane and Michael eat? Just read "Eat your Way Across the U.S.A." and you will find out.

Some adieu to Illchef, Sundancer, Signman, Al, Michael. I just got tired of it all.

Bakers Boy (Kevin
Enjoy, home of the threads about floaters and guides to pooping in the work lavatory. I'm sure the threads will be far more elevated than here.
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RE: Goodbye, Farewell, Adieu 2006/05/07 21:15:34 (permalink)
Originally posted by wanderingjew

Originally posted by enginecapt

Originally posted by wanderingjew
The last thing I indend to seek is Hot Dogs, Burgers and BBQ in Los Angeles- ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

It's gonna be Sushi, Cobb Salad, French Dips, Veggie Wraps and Loaded Burritos- That's "LA Road Food!!"
You're joking, right?

Absolutely not. That's what regional roadfood is all about. You'll see for yourself when I do my trip report upon my return.
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