Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach

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2007/08/07 05:12:19 (permalink)

Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach

I had posted this review and photos on the Q thread, but thought it was better suited to this thread.

These people are the salt of the earth, and will be going back at least every 2 weeks, if not once a week, as they are so close to my house.
I will toot their horn, since their country food is so good.
So, I decided to hit Gores for lunch..
What a tiny little treasure.
Walked in, and Henrietta Gore was sitting there doing a crossword.
I mentioned Ellen and her post here,introduced myself and Roadfood, and said I would love to get some BBQ Sandwiches. Asked about a menu, and she said, "We dont have menu's", and pointed to a sign on the wall>
I asked about the ribs, and she said, you have to call ahead and he will make some, but they arent always available.. Not much call out for them.. but he will make them if you ask...

Your choice of Buffet/Dinners, BBQ sandwiches, catfish, shrimp and something else.
BBQ sandwiches $3.25...Cant beat it...
She got up to make me a couple, and I asked if I could take her photo along with the buffet behind the line.. Actually, it isnt a buffet, but a small spread of items.

Items today were fried chicken, smothered chicken in gravy, pork chops, rice, pinto beans, macaroni and cheese, green beans (FRESH), and one other item. I think it was smoked sausage.
Asked me if I wanted slaw on my sandwiches, and told her, since its my first time, I will take it on one, and leave the other one nekkid..
Cracked her up..
Truely charming woman.

When I was behind the line taking the photos, she asked if I ever had a corn fritter and said yes, and she said "Not like these"..
Put one on a plate.... they were thin as crepes, and delicious.
I told her I bet they are really good with that smothered chicken gravy, and she proceeded to put some on there for me.
Oh, YUM.......I could have eaten 3 or 4 of them!
She tells me of a woman that gets 4 fritters.. 2 on the bottom, collard greens in the middle and the other 2 on top to make a sandwich..
Mentioned that fried chicken, Q, pork chops, fritters, mac n cheese are ALWAYS on the dinners, but the veggies change....

All the while she kept asking if I wanted some tea..
I mentioned how good the chicken looked and that I would have to come back for some of that, she said "You want a piece??"..
They couldnt have been more friendlier!

When I was getting ready to leave, in comes Ed.. "The cook", as Henrietta refers to him. "He is the cook around here".

I introduced myself (again) to him, and mentioned Ellen, and he gave me a big hug and planted a kiss on my cheek. He totally remembers Ellen stopping in.
Then before I got to the front door, he handed me a HUGE vine ripe red as can be tomato!..
Henrietta was getting ready to can them, and had 2 large boxes of them...
What a treat!
I surely will be back to visit this lovely couple. They are the salt of the earth, wonderful people. I bet they can tell some stories..

Ed And Henrietta Gore.. Lovely Lovely couple

Henrietta making my Q sndwiches


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    John A
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    RE: Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach 2007/08/07 07:10:18 (permalink)
    Very nice Tara, thanks.
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    RE: Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach 2007/08/07 09:23:28 (permalink)
    Tara, it's good that you moved that post. That report certainly deserves a thread of it's own. I wish they were closer...that looks like a regular lunch stop.
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    RE: Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach 2007/08/07 20:28:39 (permalink)
    Definately on my to-do list. If not for the food, to visit with these folks. Looks good!
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    RE: Gores BBQ in Aynor, SC.. Close to Myrtle Beach 2007/08/08 12:34:11 (permalink)
    Very cool report & pics.

    Ain't life grand when you have something like that happen.

    Thanks, Doug
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