Grease trap advice?

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2006/08/24 00:17:28 (permalink)

Grease trap advice?

Well, we had the plumbing inspector here today, and he told us we must install a grease trap. My question is this: does it matter what size we use? I've looked them up on the net, and they go by pound--100 lb. 40 lb. and so on. Our kitchen isn't that big, our seating capacity is right around 80. I, personally think we can get by with a 40 lb. unit (I hope). Any input will be appreciated! Thanks!

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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/24 04:28:50 (permalink)
    Check with your local public works dept. ( wastewater treatment plant). Your town may have a grease trap ordinance, If not ask them why not. They can get a copy of an excellent ordinance from the City of Chehalis. Chehalis WA. 98532. If you have room a 1200=1500 gal. outside underground grease tank. Like a septic tank but set up so grease floats on top. Don't allow hot water in a grease trap ( will wash grease right on through). Don't let salesmen sell you "miracle" citris products etc.. The only way to get rid of grease is physically clean it out. There are services who can clean it out for you but it can be expensive. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Grease is a real head ache in sewer lines, pump stations, and treatment plants . Believe me I know as I am a retired wastewater treatment plant operator.
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/24 17:07:46 (permalink)
    I am not a restaurant owner but I was wondering this... If you have the above ground waste grease container; are you still required to have the grease trap? I do know the grease will clog the sewer lines and damage the sewer treatment plant. I agree with the previous post, check with your water district manager, they will know the requirements.

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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/25 03:34:18 (permalink)
    We have a grease trap ordinance in our area that was enacted a couple years ago. The inspector for the department that regulates restaurants determines the size of the grease trap, based on the size of the restaurant (seating capacity) and type of food served (i.e., how much fried foods). Since it is now a county ordinance, it has affected the saleability and value of existing restaurants. Do you own your own place? Do you think you might sell it one day? It would make it attractive to the new owner having the larger grease trap.
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/25 06:16:17 (permalink)
    I do know one thing about them, they have to be cleaned often, and you don't want to be open for busniess when you do so. Thats where you seperate the men from the boys. Good luck, Chow Jim
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/25 08:10:03 (permalink)
    i would say size does matter. if they tell you get one, they probably have regs on the size. yes, it depends on the business details. texgrill, yes you have to have a grease trap, even if there is an above container. the above container is for waste fry oil. the grease trap catches all the grease in waste water, in a tank. its real neat how it works. all your waste water(except toilet) is ran through this tank (before running through to the street sewer). the water and grease separate, water is then extracted from the bottom, leaving the grease high and dry.. once full, however, it will make a smelly mess.
    we are single serve carry out, and dont have a dish washer, so we only have a small tank about 40ish gallon. we have it pumped evey three months by roto rooter. cost about a hundred bucks each time.
    opt for bigger if you can, it will make you safe in the event of spec changes by the gov...
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/08/25 10:37:54 (permalink)
    I remember my very favorite part of KP in Basic Training. It was when I was given the opportunity to clean out the mess hall grease traps. What fun. And it didn't even take me more than one whole night to scrub it out of my fatigues with a stiff-bristled brush and Tide on the shower floor.
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/09/04 09:09:54 (permalink)
    I am sure the building inspector will have the specs for your size place.The only job I was ever fired from was a Ponderosa steak house I worked at when I was 15 in the 70's. Cleaning the grease trap was the nastiest job in the place,and a fat smelly slimy guy who washed dishes,and ate off of almost all the dirty plates had the honor of cleaning the grease trap,and it didn't faze him a bit.Well,we just got a new manager,a little, ugly ,bossy ,wisp of a man,with a heavy southern accent(This was in NJ,where we only heard YA'LL on TV,LOL !)
    Well he tried to make up for his diminutive size by barking orders like a drill sargent.One day the guy who cleaned the grease trap was off,and the manager barked at me to clean the grease trap,and the other employees started to tease me.I asked him really nice if he could ask someone else,or wait till Mr disgusting came in tomorrow to clean it.He said "Boy,you either clean that grease trap or your fired! I told him to go F%$# himself,and stormed into the bathroom to change out of my uniform,and rolled it up into a ball,and cornered him in the walk in cooler,and threw the uniform in his face,and Mr big mouth didn't know what to do against an enraged 15 year old,but say "if you touch me I'll call security" Like I said A wisp of a man.I punched out my time card so hard I knocked the time clock off the wall,and stormed out of the mall.I got a job in a pizza place on the other side of the mall the same week,and told them the whole story,and they laughed,and told me "don't worry,we have a plumber clean the grease trap,but if you pull that here we'll kick your ass!Lol!",and they would have!.I worked at that Sbarro's for two years,and loved it and was sad when I left to go to school.I learned the pizza business inside out there ,and what I learned there helped me open my own restaurants later in life.Thank God for grease traps!!!Lol. I did have a grease trap back up in the kitchen of one of my restaurants on a busy Friday night(because I hate to clean grease traps!!),it was nasty and the plumber took 2 hours to come,and charged me $300 to clean it out and snake the drain,and we had a smelly mess to clean up.Moral of this rambling rant,Don't yell at a hot headed 15 year old to clean your grease trap (for minimum wage),and properly maintain it!
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    RE: Grease trap advice? 2006/09/05 13:06:32 (permalink)
    It's not the building department you need to be concerned with, but the County Health Department, which may be as or more restrictive than the building code.

    You need to find out if you have to have one outside your building or whether one can be installed on your wastewater piping inside the building, and/or a type of greasetrap on certain equipment inside the building.

    The size required will be confirmed by them.
    However, you can get an idea of the size by using a "Grease Interceptor Sizing Worksheet" which is a document used in the Uniform Plumbing Code.
    You should be able to find a copy of that worksheet by Googling for it online.

    Sometimes getting someone on the phone at the health dept is like trying to get the Pope on the phone ... so first, I'd do everything possible to figure out if buried somewhere deep in the County Health Department website is some of the info you need.

    In any regard, it is the Health Department which puts you in business ... they are the ones you need to check with.

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