Greenville, NC

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2003/03/26 22:43:43 (permalink)

Greenville, NC

Traveling to Greenville, N.C. this weekend. Not much luck in food 1st time. Suggestions for local cooking favorites, breakfast?

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    RE: Greenville, NC 2003/03/27 11:57:45 (permalink)
    first off, WHY are you going to greenville, nc? is there a tupperware party going on? i was an unfortunate inhabitant of that town for a number of advice? keeping driving..., or bring a portable gas grill with you.
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    RE: Greenville, NC 2003/03/27 16:57:23 (permalink)
    Peaden's Grill and Cafeteria has great burgers and plate lunches. I know they serve breakfast, but I haven't tried it. It's a real workingman's type of place, and always packed at lunchtime. This may be the best burger in Eastern NC. Good chili on the burgers and fresh lettuce and tomato. Peaden's serves a fresh, not frozen patty. Peadens is on NC 11 near the Pitt/Greenville Airport. Also try B's Bar-B-Q. This is the genuine article, smoked on REAL wood. The BBQ chicken is also good. B's is HUGE with the locals and closes when they run out of food (which is quite often) B's is located on NC 43, just outside of Greenville.
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    RE: Greenville, NC 2003/03/27 17:25:14 (permalink)
    I grew up in the Greenville area. Left there in 1977. Go back infrequently to visit the folks. There are several local places to eat. If you want some good NC bbq and artery clogging food, go to Parker's at 3109 South Memorial Drive. Go to Dixie Queen Seafood Restaurant in Farmville for some good seafood. There is also an outstanding cafeteria in Greenville at the mall called K & W for some good down home cooked food. If you go to Peaden's be sure to get a cheeseburge "all the way". That means mustard, chili and onions in NC. Enjoy! Boy I wish I could have some of Parkers q.
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    RE: Greenville, NC 2003/08/29 03:34:45 (permalink)
    There is a one-of-a-kind dining opportunity awaiting barbeque pilgrims on the western edge of Greenville, and it's B's Barbecue.

    I was a bit nervous a few weeks ago when I pondered whether to visit Greenville for a lunch at Bs. I've learned to phone ahead to bbq palaces when planning a visit, as most close for a week sometime during summer. But B's has no phone (they don't need it and don't have time to answer one). I was vacationing from Kentucky.

    I wanted to eat B's celebrated barbequed chicken, which is roasted over hardwood charcoal for 2 hours and dipped in a thin vinegar and pepper sauce.

    So, I just struck out from Durham and hoped for the best. Actually, I went over a day early, so I would be there in the A.M. and know where to go. After a good dinner at the original Parker's in nearby Wilson (ROADFOOD, 1999 editon), I drove to Greenville and stayed at a local inn. Before checking in, I located B's on the way into town (it's on B's Barbecue Road).

    When I walked into B's dining room promptly at 11 the next morning, I was at the end of a line that stretched to the door. Many of the people in front of me were getting large orders to go. When I came outside with my food, there was another long line at a take-out window. B's only does lunch and they sell out every day. One should try to be there no later than 11:30.

    I ate at a picnic table and had the meal I had traveled there for--a half chicken with the works. The chicken has a flavor unlike anything I have ever eaten, and is absolutely delicious. Everything else was pretty good too. A couple who'd driven down from Raleigh just to dine at B's soon took seats at the table, and before long a retired couple from Benson who was hungry for B's chicken joined us. B's also does pork barbeque.

    I hope to get back to B's some day. Certainly, if I'm anywhere nearby I shall make the effort.

    After B's, I drove to nearby Ayden (my 3rd visit) and ate a pork barbeque tray at Pete Jones' Skylight Inn (ROADFOOD, 1999 edition), arguably North Carolina's favorite eastern style pit. The Skylight Inn ranks with Goldsboro's original Wilber's as my favorite North Carolina barbeque establishments. Both are authentic wood burners that roast whole pigs over hardwood coals.

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