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So the Buddhist monk walks up to the streetcart and says "Make me one with everything." The vendor wonders how often the monk says this, shrugs, loads up a bun with all the classic fixins, and hands it to him. The monk hands him a $20 bill. The vendor puts the bill in the cash drawer and closes the drawer. "Change?" asks the monk. The vendor smiles and responds: "Change must come from within." 

"How do you make a hot dog stand? Take away its chair."

"Although the frankfurter originated in Frankfurt, Germany, we have long since made it our own, a twin pillar of democracy along with Mom's apple pie. In fact, now that Mom's apple pie comes frozen and baked by somebody who isn't Mom, the hot dog stands alone. What it symbolizes remains pure, even if what it contains does not." William Zinsser 

"People who enjoy eating sausage and obey the law should not watch either being made." Otto von Bismarck

"Have ya ever burped, and tasted a hot dog you ate two days ago?" George Carlin 

"What does a White Sox fan consider a seven course meal? A Chicago Hot Dog and a six pack of beer." Anonymous Yankees fan 

Two nuns from the Vatican have just arrived in Chicago for a conclave and are walking through O'Hare. Spotting a hot dog stand, the novitiate says to her Mother Superior in Italian "I hear that the occupants of this country actually eat dogs and that Chicago makes the very best dogs." The elder sister replies, "Then I suppose we should try one." They approach the vendor and hold up two fingers. He hands them each a foil wrapped packet. Excited, they hurry to a table and unwrap their first American meals. Staring at hers for a moment, the younger nun giggles, leans over and whispers "What part did you get?" 

"The noblest of all dogs is the hot dog; it feeds the hand that bites it." Lawrence J. Peter 

"A hot dog at the ballpark is better than steak at the Ritz." Humphrey Bogart
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    Pretty good WVCS..  But I had to move this to the off topic area.. Keep 'em coming!

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