Half Sandwich

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2007/03/08 13:42:27 (permalink)

Half Sandwich

I just passed a rather ordinary looking fast food place on E. 23 St. in NYC advestising: Half Sandwich $4.99.
This seems a ridiculously high price for 1/2 sandwich, even in NYC. That would make a full fst food sandwich almost $10. I don't know the kind of sandwich, the name of the place was Mozzerella's and it look ed like a chain.

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    RE: Half Sandwich 2007/03/08 14:06:38 (permalink)
    "Ordinary...fast food places" don't always pay a lot of attention to their signs. It might just be a mistake.

    Was there a bit just above it that said "Soup and"?

    Dan B,
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    RE: Half Sandwich 2007/03/08 14:31:09 (permalink)
    Wouldn't surprise me a bit. They could be charging you extra for the convenience of not allowing you to eat a whole sandwich and stick to your diet (or splurge and buy those chips). During the Atkins craze plenty of places, even in the 'burbs, were charging a buck or more over the price of a sandwich for low-carb specials which were, essentially, a sandwich without bread.

    So, if whole sandwich is 6.00+, you could probably charge 4.99 for a half. I wouldn't buy it, but someone might.
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    RE: Half Sandwich 2007/03/08 15:49:12 (permalink)
    Hopefully they will cut it in qurters. For that price at least it would look like your getting your moneys worth. Chow Jim
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    RE: Half Sandwich 2007/03/09 01:15:25 (permalink)
    I'd take the $10 "Italian Special" sandwich at Faicco's Pork Store anyday!
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    RE: Half Sandwich 2007/03/09 10:36:54 (permalink)
    depends on how big a WHOLE sandwich is.. and what they call a sandwich.. Half a mufallata or 18" hoagie would be a deal at $5
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