Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC?

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2006/04/09 07:03:10 (permalink)

Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC?

There is a new place in NYC called Rice to Riches. I have not tried it yet. Supposedly, the concept is like an ice cream shop but with rice pudding as the star of the show.


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    RE: Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC? 2006/04/09 10:20:58 (permalink)
    Some of us might like to try it. Where is it?
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    RE: Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC? 2006/04/09 10:33:09 (permalink)
    It's on Spring Street off Mulberry, directly across the street from Lobardi's. It's definitely an interesting place. Super brightly lit, with strange booths and stools. They have a few dozen different flavors of Rice Pudding, all sitting in counter displays, just like an ice cream store. I've tasted a few flavors like cinnimon, banana, apple and milk chocolate, and well as the old fashioned. They are all very, very tasty, but so ridiculously rich that it's nearly impossible to have more than a few bites. It's like eating a bowl of heavy cream laced with butter and a pound of sugar. Some of you will drool over that, but not me. There's no subtlety in an overload of fat and sugar.

    I would definitely recommend trying it once (makes for a nice treat after a pie at Lombardi's), but I would advise sharing a small bowl between a few people.

    Interesting side note: It turns out that the owner (perhaps "former" by now)was some millionaire illegal bookie who lived in Trump Tower. He was arrested last year.
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    RE: Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC? 2006/04/09 14:49:17 (permalink)
    The Scene
    If a group of rice pudding-addicted aliens ever set up a shop in Nolita, this is what it would look like. And the color scheme--bright orange, pink, yellow and stark white--along with neon lighting, tables suspended from the ceiling and a profusion of flat-screen TVs, makes it official: This is stimulation central.

    The Food
    You'd better like rice pudding, because that's all they serve. There are eighteen flavors, plus three seasonal flavors, to choose from, with cheeky names like "Stubborn Banana" and "Melon-choly." Some flavors, such as "Qualified Lemon" and "Strawberry Floozy," are so over-the-top and mega-flavored that a few bites are more than enough, though children may enjoy them. Grown-ups should opt for the mellower choices, such as "Endangered Maple" with tart blueberries, "Understanding Vanilla" and green tea with black cherries (a special).

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    RE: Have you tried "Rice to Riches" in NYC? 2006/04/25 01:25:18 (permalink)
    TVs. Always with the TVs these days. Everywhere you go just about.

    I'd patronize a place like this, just not too often. Love rice pudding, hate cutesy names.
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