Healthy National Chain Fast Food... any?

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Re:Healthy National Chain Fast Food... any? 2010/04/25 08:50:54 (permalink)
I don't think of Sweet Tomatoes as "fast food" in the same way as a hamburger or fried chicken drive-thru but it is possible to make what seems a very spare cup of soup at the one closest to me, based on the salad line and the soup counter where there is almost always a chicken noodle soup with big noodles and decent chunks of chicken.
Remembering that the soup bowls are minute, pick just a FEW green things from the salad line:  spinach leaves, chopped celery, green peas, chopped egg, and sliced mushrooms.  Sliced green onions can be obtained from the baked potato bar.  Then go to the soup.  Cherry pick as much chunk chicken as you can get or want from the pot and fill the bowl with broth.   It takes a little practice because the ladle is clumsy.  At your table, add the aforementioned vegetables.  It will not quite be hot, but it won't have the odd flavours and generous quantity of starch that characterize their soups.
I wish they had a microwave that customers could get to!  You can make a bowl of soup that is almost Japanese in its austerity.
But do I eat healthy at Sweet Tomatos?  Nope.  The baked potatos and butter are generally a big hook. 
BTW:  The chicken you collect this way is much the same as that found in the serving packs of chicken in the salad line that cost extra, except warm.  It is generally not possible to have noodel free soup but a serving of "low noodle" soup is possible.  I try not to be TOO obvious.  I suppose if a lot of people start doing this they will change the method of service, but it works right now at my location.
I don't think I've ever seen any whole wheat pasta, at least I've never tried any there.
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