Help with ribeye please!

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2011/06/11 21:20:35 (permalink)

Help with ribeye please!

Hey guys,
I just bought some ribeye steaks that I would estimate are around 2 inches thick. I like them R/MR and my husband likes them MW/W (yeah I know...) I have stove top or oven available to me and I was thinking about searing them and finishing in the oven but I have NO idea what times I should shoot for. I do have a thermometer but I don't want to poke the meat every two minutes. HELP!
Thanks in advance....

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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/11 21:44:12 (permalink)
    Try this. Do them in the oven @ 225* until the internal is coming up short of r/mr, 110-115. Then pull yours and sear it on the stovetop, leaving his in the oven. Yours should be seared about the time his is coming up just short of mw/w... put yours aside to rest for the extra minute or two while his sears, then let them both rest for 5 minutes before serving.
    About the reverse sear method
    "Food scientists have recently touted a new method called "reverse sear" or "sear in the rear". Here's how it works: Defrost the meat if it is frozen. Take the meat out of the fridge about an hour before cooking time. Start cooking the meat on the cooler side of the grill, at 225 to 275°F, bring the meat's internal temp up to about 115°F, and then move it over the direct scorching heat to sear. Sear in the rear takes almost twice as long as sear & slide.
    The theory is that there are enzymes in the meat called cathepsins that break down the connective tissues and, if given a chance to work, the meat will be more tender. These are the same enzymes that go to work during dry aging, another tenderizing scheme. They work slowly at refrigerator temps, and shut down at about 122°F. But they work well at room temp and up to 122°F."

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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/11 21:46:35 (permalink)
    I've never done one that thick, but perhaps the way I do them might give you an idea.
    First of all, I do let mine set to room temp  and then in the last 15-20 minutes before cooking I place them in a very basic soy sauce home made marinade similar to Dale's Seasoning with a little liquid smoke added. Blot dry and rub with a little oil and S&P. I set the oven to the highest broil and the shelf to the top one that's about 3" below the burner. I use a 1/4 sheet pan with a shallow rack and pour off the marinade and a little water into the pan so it the drippings don't burn. For about a 1" boneless ribeye, the time for MR works out to around 8 minutes each side in my oven with the opposite side being rubbed with a little oil and S&P on the flip.
    I'm sure the purists are sneering .  We have a new sub channel on TV that shows the local high end restaurants showing off their signature dish's preparation. Looks like most steak restaurants are no longer using flame broilers and now use what looks like a dual broiler with several draws. In one episode, the steaks must have been a good two inches and they chef mentioned MR was about 20 minutes in that unit.
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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/11 23:35:33 (permalink)
    This is what I would do: Pre heat your oven to 425 degrees. Take the (thawed or unfrozen) steaks out of the fridge and salt both sides for 40-50 minutes. No more and no less. According to recent testing at Serious this method has proven to be the best for steaks. Then pre-heat a good heavy cast iron pan. Dry and Pepper your pre-salted steaks and brown them in a little grapeseed or canola oil. Turning them over frequently so they brown well (they'll brown better if you pat them dry before you put them into the hot pan) for about 4 minutes. No longer. Then put the pan in the oven for about 5-6 minutes. They should come out medium rare if they are at least 2" thick. I know the above process pretty much go's against all we've ever learned about cooking steak but, trust me on this one. It works. Same for burgers, too! Pre-salt and turn often. Forget about salting just before the steaks or burgers go into the pan and turning just once. A side note: I wouldn't finish them in the oven unless they are at least 2" thick. As "Mikey" said, "try it, you'll like it". And, one more thing. Be sure to let the steaks "rest" for a good 10-15 minutes before cutting into.

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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/11 23:53:10 (permalink)
    Google "Proper way to cook a steak' and you'll get enough ideas to fill a peach basket!
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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/12 01:36:41 (permalink)
    More on the theory of pre-salting from Very informative and educating regarding the cooking of steak.
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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/12 10:05:58 (permalink)
    This would be a great thread for the Recipes and Cooking Techniques forum!
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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/12 10:10:00 (permalink)
    You've made a valid point, Don.
    sk bob
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    Re:Help with ribeye please! 2011/06/14 22:32:50 (permalink)
    no Google, no theories(sp)? no seriouseats BS.
    from personal experience presalting with (Lawerys,garlic,etc) I don't have to add table salt after.
    presalt & pepper while the steak is comming up to room temp. & rub it in.
    as for cooking, all the above methods are fine but start with what is easier for you to do.
    Don, you are a master of the obvious.
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