Holiday Cookies

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2003/12/03 09:37:57 (permalink)

Holiday Cookies

OK, you knew somebody was going to start this thread. What is holiday cookie repertoire? I make toll-house cookies (without nuts) and sugar cakes.

The smell of cookies just says the holidays to me. It wouldn't be the same without them.

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    Julia I
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    RE: Holiday Cookies 2003/12/03 11:40:31 (permalink)
    Christmas means my grandmother's "pie crust" cookies, a crisp, thin, sugary cookie made with yeast. They are a family favorite.

    Traditional cutouts with icing are usually also on the menu.
    Howard Baratz
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    RE: Holiday Cookies 2003/12/03 17:36:05 (permalink)
    Originally posted by clothier

    My mom (hmm, interesting how many of my food tradition post start that way, isn't it?) invites her 3 grandchildren over, and the spend the morning making Hanukah cookies. Butter cookies that the kids cut into Hanukah shapes, and then decorate.

    I have, twice now, made sufgonyot. They are small jelly filled doughnuts. The kids like making them, not so much did they like eating them. Anything that you can fry in oil you can turn into a Hanukah treat.

    Gotta love a holiday that allows and encourages the eating of fried foods.

    And this year the first and last night of Chanukkah falls on a Fryday night.
    seafarer john
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    RE: Holiday Cookies 2003/12/03 18:32:40 (permalink)
    Can anyone out there help me with the operation of a cookie press? For 40 plus years I've struggled with the damn things
    (at least six different designs, and at least that many different doughs)and maybe on a good day three out of ten come out looking like an adult would have had anything to do with it. The kids love it because they don't really care - but I have a little pride left...
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    RE: Holiday Cookies 2003/12/03 18:33:40 (permalink)
    First and foremost, there is my mother's fudge. She is no longer here to share Christmas with us, but one of the ways I keep her near is by making several batches of her fudge (chocolate walnut and peanut butter, plus a chocolate mint version I came up with myself) to give away as gifts. (I know that's not cookies. Sorry.) But then there's also a great chocolate chip cookie recipe I found years ago that is more of a shortbread cookie with chocolate chips. They aren't necessarily a Christmas recipe, but I make so many batches at Christmas that now whenever I make them, my kids announce that "It smells like Christmas!"

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    RE: Holiday Cookies 2003/12/08 15:17:44 (permalink)
    We seem to have 3 cookie threads going. I posted some good ones under "other desserts".
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