Home Fries?

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2008/05/03 17:46:42 (permalink)

Home Fries?

I've been cooking potatoes for many years, but I've never made home fries! When I go out to breakfast, I always order french fries with my eggs, because I'm afraid they'll put onions or peppers or both in the home fries. I don't eat either. Or else the home fries look raw on the inside or burnt on the outside, or a combination of both, when I look on someone else's plate. Well, I'm going to attempt to make home fries for my man tomorrow morning with his eggs, and I've been perusing the internet. So many ways. I realize that the best potatoes to use are russets, but I do have two large Idaho baking potatoes. Should I use those? I'll probably make them raw right in the pan and fry the heck out of them, instead of using precooked (I mean, as in "I'll boil or bake them first", not store-bought premade, like I would ever). How much oil? Butter too? I don't want his stomach to get upset! But I don't want my smoke alarm to go off! Remember, no onions or peppers, so less cooking time. I know to layer them. How long to cook? I'm going to slice them thinly; I have a nice Santoku-style knife.

Oh! Should the pan (I'll use the regular stainless steel 12-inch, as opposed to the nonstick for this) be uncovered? Covered? A combination of both? How long for each, if so?

I feel like a new bride or something, but you're never too old to learn to cook new things, even something as simple as potatoes. And obviously, although we're not married yet, we're still in that honeymoon stage of everything. So far, he loves my cooking, and I don't want to break the winning streak. Any suggestions will be helpful. I mean, I'm sure I won't mess them up too terribly, but I'd be interested and accept all replies with grace. Thank you!

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    RE: Home Fries? 2008/05/03 21:40:10 (permalink)
    I used to work with a gentleman named Lenny when I did airport security (back when they hired retirees & college students & paid $5/hour). The whole crew talked about food occasionally when we were waiting for passengers, and I told him about my genius new idea of slicing up leftover baked potatoes and frying them up for breakfast. Lenny said, "Oh, HOME FRIES! That does sound good. I haven't had those in years. I could do that!" I thought it was cool that my idea was already a thing & even had a name!

    So I have no credentials other than that, but this is the way I make them. I think my & your recipes are different, after I reread your post. Uncovered pan. I mean if you get impatient you can put the lid on but for no more than a minute. The condensation from the lid of the pan should NOT be dripping on the potatoes, or you will never get them crispy.

    Leftover baked potatoes, skin on, sliced, then quarter the slices
    butter or oil ( half a tablespoon or so, this really does depend on how many potatoes you have; use a light hand, you can add more as needed)

    Heat butter or oil in pan until grease is hot. Add potatoes in pan in one layer, let cook for about 5 minutes, salt them & pepper them & any other seasoning you want to add (old bay, garlic powder, morton's natural seasonings, SPIKE goes great with potatoes) do it, then flip them so the other side can brown. Add more butter now if you are going to, so it can soak into the uncooked side & help them brown. You can also stir them during the cooking, just make sure they are nice & brown. You want them crispy.

    These days I don't have time to bake a potato properly (400 degree oven for an hour), so I have been sticking them in the microwave, then cutting them up & frying them right away. Makes for a quick easy breakfast if you do it the night before. The only problem I have had with this is the sampling of them.
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    RE: Home Fries? 2010/12/05 17:34:32 (permalink)
    I was real proud of the home fries I prepared for breakfast this morning.  Thumbs up all around the table.
    Prep:  Sliced the potatoes in half, then 1/2" slices.  Arranged them on a plate, covered with wet paper towels and microwaved for 5 minutes.
    Used a cast iron skillet to fry bacon and sausage patties.  Bacon was lean so there was not a great amount of fat.  Added a 1/3 stick of butter to the bacon fat, then added the potatoes.  Fried them till they were good and crispy, then added a good splash of red wine vinegar(Thanks LeeTheBard)and let them reduce in the liquid.  The flavor was fantastic.
    I had always microwaved the potatoes first and then sliced.  But most times they crumble and fall apart.  Slicing before microwaving worked out much better.
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    RE: Home Fries? 2010/12/05 17:40:52 (permalink)
    Joe, that vinegar twist sounds great, I got to try it!
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    RE: Home Fries? 2010/12/05 18:51:51 (permalink)
    Hey,glad you like it...that was my Uncle Joe's secret sauce for his Italian sausage sandwiches. Glad you remembered,J oe. It's a great taste...and thanks for the tip of the hat!!!
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    RE: Home Fries? 2010/12/05 20:34:23 (permalink)
    PBS TV's Cooks Country has a pretty good recipe for home fries and it;s easy to make and tastes real good from personal experience.
    Web site:
    You might have to register to get access but it's free. Lot's of other good recipes there too !
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    RE: Home Fries? 2010/12/05 21:58:10 (permalink)
    I like the slice and microwave idea, I generally parboil the sliced potatoes in lightly salted water.
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    Re:Home Fries? 2010/12/11 15:15:35 (permalink)
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