Hospital breakfasts

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2007/05/23 18:57:56 (permalink)

Hospital breakfasts

I know this is a wired topic, but I wonder if anyone had any "memorable" breakfasts in a hospital. I was only in a hospital twice, each overnight, but did Ok for myself.

In one place here in NY where you could order off a (limited) menu, so I placed 2 orders, one for pancakes and one for cottege cheese. Put them together with a drop of jelly - surprisingly yummy.

The second, I was in Santa Fe they actually had tortillas on the side and a possibility of breakfast burritos! Not exactly up to typical NM standards, but good enough for hospital confinement! (I don't think a hospital on the East Coast would offer breakfast burritos!)

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 00:00:28 (permalink)
    Last year I had to take my eight-year-old daughter to the emergency room, then follow an ambulance that was carrying her in the middle of the night to another hospital. By the time I went to that hospital's cafeteria in the morning, I had been awake more than 24 hours and was stressed, anxious, and exhausted. When I saw the homemade style banana pudding, I actually got teary-eyed. It looked (and, when I bought some, tasted) like pure comfort food, which I really needed just then. It was a little random thing that made a big difference for me. (And that evening I took my daughter home, treated and cured and healthy as ever, thanks to God and modern medicine.)
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 00:46:06 (permalink)
    I was really sick in 2003......In the hospital for almost two weeks. I do not have one fond memory of my stay there except for when I refused the wheel Chair ride and walked my happy ass out of there.
    I will have to return in the future but right now I don't like hopitals. I take my meds and hope for the best. Sad part is, in my line of work I have to sit in Hospital for my entire 8 hour sometime 16 hour shift. I would rather someone beat me with a rock then have to be there. I am grateful that they saved my life but I stil don't like being there. P.S. I don't like Dentists either. "That's all I have to say about that!"
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 02:49:44 (permalink)
    I was in U.S. C. hospital in L.A. for 2 and 1/2 mo.s the food you get at a 7-11 was better than that food ..Nothing fixed to order it was all lumped together to make a mess , take the tuna salad it had so much mayo on it , it was gross and I LOVE MAYO ...but the tuna was swimming in it ...always fried eggs only scrammbled it was hell the hopspital it top notch the food is basment yuk stuff..I would of walked to the 7-11 if I could of ...
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 06:11:47 (permalink)
    My only real experience with breakfast in a hospital, (Medical City in Dallas) was very memorable. I remember it being the most HORRIBLE food I ever ate!
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 07:40:02 (permalink)
    I haven't had any memorable nuttin in a hospital, unless you consider the constant and gnawing desire to unass the place and go home as memorable.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 12:01:29 (permalink)
    I was in Munson Hospital in Traverse City Michigan 2 years ago for a hysterectomy...and after not being able to eat for almost 3 days......and the threat of killing someone if I did not get food soon, I was presented with their menu!! All I can say is WOW!! It was like a sit down restaurant menu! You got to order what you wanted, how much you wanted, and whenever you wanted! I ordered a made to order omelet,hash browns that were NOT hash whites and toast! It was delishious!!! 2 hours later, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate malt! This was BY far the BEST hospital food I have ever had!! I hated to leave!! Maybe the morphine drip that I was also leaving had something to do with it!! LOL Let the pain begin!!
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 12:33:22 (permalink)
    University of Iowa Hospital- I was there about a week last December. I was on a carbohydrate restricted diet. My experience was similar to Lindsey- omelets to order, real fresh fruit, a wide selection of lunch & dinner items, such as lasagna, etc. Very tasty-I would not be ashamed to serve some of their entrees at my restaurant.

    The local county hospital was an entirely different story- bland, bland, bland. My staff brought me a bottle of Tabasco sauce which helped.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/24 12:38:03 (permalink)
    I remember mostly good food when I was hospitalized for three weeks in 1985. They brought in subs from Buscemi's, a local Detroit subshop. However, the first night I was there the meal was liver and onions. Not a good start.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 13:44:01 (permalink)
    When my daughter was born in August '06, the hospital I was in had some incredibly good food. Not just good food for hospital food, but they had some stuff like you'd get in a restaurant. I was in for three days and never had a bad meal. They had menus and served the meals on a cart with a tablecloth, linen napkins, and real silverware, not those flimsy plastic sporks.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 13:53:29 (permalink)
    I was in the Scottsbluff, Nebraska hospital several times over the last 2 years. There is a high Spanish population there, and they offer tortillas & salsa with every meal.

    The balance of their food is rather blah & boring, but my nurses were extra special & they would go down to the cafeteria & get whatever I wanted

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 14:17:35 (permalink)

    I had intestinal surgery and was laid up for about 5 days. I only ate sherbert after a day or so, and maybe some broth. I was hungry for more but ate what they offered. I did realize that the next time that I am in this situation again, there is a nearby Chinese restaurant that delivers to every floor of the hospital. I suspect I would order soup or noodles.
    There is a patient cafeteria where if you can get there, they served a hot meal in the most dismal of locations in the hospital basement.
    The worse thing about being laid up there was that the TV had only 12 channels.

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 14:24:38 (permalink)
    I work in a hospital and have breakfast here all the time. Most of it is pretty average. They do make eggs to order in the cafeteria which aren't bad. The scrambled eggs from the regular line are awful. They are from a mix and more often then not are not done. Once it actually looked like soup. They do have a couple of breakfast sandwiches from time to time that are good. Every Friday they serve one that is grilled cheese with tomato and bacon. It's good. I had a stay in the hospital a few years ago (which by the way is weird to be a patient where you work) and the breakfasts were nothing great. I do remember one morning getting a big plate with a cover on it and when I took the cover off, found the smallest little omelette I had ever seen. My wife actually burst out laughing when she saw it. It had to be about a half egg omlette. But at least it was ice cold.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 17:00:38 (permalink)
    Hospital breakfasts... oxymoron!
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 17:42:28 (permalink)
    At the hospital where I had my son by c-section the food was amazing they actually cook the food it's not any of that frozen junk you just thaw out they have a bakery deliver fresh bread in the mornings and use it for french toast and their dinners are just as amazing people actually go there as if it were a restaurant LOL My neighbor takes his wife to the hospital to eat as a treat
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 18:08:49 (permalink)
    hey yankeesfan, i had an almost similar experience w/ my daughter when she was a few months old (late night ER visit, transfer to children's hospital, total panic, etc.)...sometime the next day, when things were going to be OK, my wife wnet down and brought me back some fried chicken from the hospital fried chicken i've ever had

    in an unrelated story, i was hospitalized a couple of years ago and couldn't have anything by mouth for 4 or 5 days...then one morning my nurse shows up w/ a bowl of beef broth, green jello and a can of tomato juice...and that was one of the best meals I've EVER had!!!

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 18:17:21 (permalink)
    The local hospital here has wonderful food. The public beats a path to the doors to eat in the cafeteria. The facility has meeting rooms and the hospital's chefs cook for the special functions. Amazingly good.

    The patients order from menus.. when I was in there for a broken ankle and pneumonia the offerings were varied and well prepared...

    I too had a morphine drip -- nahhh that couldn't have anyting to do with it.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/25 19:47:15 (permalink)
    Scarlett you are fortunate to have a hospital that serves good food.The few experiences I had with them the institutional cooking was so bland,canned vegetables, fruit in syrup and the meats unspiced cooked in a pressure cooker.My longest stay of 3 days I lived on bread and butter and their very dry 2week old fresh rolls. The only thing good, I guess is many people there are so sick that they don't eat the food at all or starve themselves until discharge time....
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/27 18:39:43 (permalink)
    when i was a kid my dad would take me to work on saturdays and he always ate breakfast in chicagos mount sainai hospital, i remeber i got 3 pieces of french toast with bacon and chocolate milk every time and it was 70 cents only back in late seventys which was still cheap then and surprisingly good too
    John A
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/28 07:39:18 (permalink)
    As a patient the food was so bad I did not eat for three days, finally a nurse brought me some cheesburgers from MC d's. Funny thing is the cafeteria has excellent food, go figure???

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/05/31 20:38:37 (permalink)
    I have been in 4 different hospitals and lost weight each time due to the absolutely awful food.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/10 20:36:37 (permalink)
    I unfortunately am in hospitals more then I would like, and usually the food is horrible. sometimes even uneatable. But I was in the hospital last year for about a month, and the girls that delivered the breakfasts told me that the chef would make omelets if I asked for them. From then on, I had some of the best omelets I have ever had. amazing
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/10 22:25:29 (permalink)
    Just got out of the hospital this past week. Three choices for breakfast (same each time): scrambled eggs, French toast, pancakes. Ended up having French toast most of the time--it was the least horrid. The scrambled eggs were slimey.

    Best meal overall during my almost 5 days: a family member brought in sushi from my favorite place.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/11 09:15:24 (permalink)
    A freind of mine recently had hip replacement surgery at the New England Baptist Hospital. He said the food there was outstanding, and this comes from a guy who frequents high end restarunts often.
    I guess with so many options for elective surgery in the area they are trying to compete with better service and amenitys. He also said the bed was the most comfortable he has ever slept in. Chow Jim
    Rick F.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/11 11:52:48 (permalink)
    The hospital in the last place I lived had pretty good food for both patients and guests: a lot of folks ate Sunday dinner there, and there was a section unofficially reserved for the "zipper club": heart patients on a special diet.

    Where I am now it's good for guests, bad for patients. They serve a fair amount of cajun food in the cafeteria, but patient food suffers all the usual maladies of timing, temperature, seasoning, and preparation mentioned so often in this thread. They're trying hard to do better, so I'll update following my next stay.

    Having said all that, breakfasts are great in both places for guests, and satisfactory for patients in the first.

    Rick Flynn in hot, sticky Natchitoches
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/18 21:37:44 (permalink)
    At the hospital that I stayed at for most of my cancer treatments, I was able to order from a menu. They had everything you could imagine. Though for breakfast foods I mainly stayed with the poptarts and cereal and milk. I would order the pancakes for dinner, but they were very dry and they didn't give you enough syrup or butter either!

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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/06/27 08:15:51 (permalink)
    Hello All,
    We have one hospital in our city/county, and it is a good one.
    Their food service is very good. Each patient has a choice of
    foods based on what their doctor says is their illness. And they
    have special meals for those whose diet doesn't have to be watched.
    I bought my wife a lobster meal after giving birth to both of our
    Regardless, especially for hospital scrambled eggs, I would always
    ask for extra packet of salt and pepper.
    Take Care,
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/07/02 14:07:57 (permalink)
    Just got discharged yesterday. Menu for me was "Clear fluid/Diabetic" and every meal was...

    Juice of some sort
    Gelatin of some flavor
    Broth of some color

    Broth was the only show stopper. I should have taken some for analysis.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/07/02 14:11:27 (permalink)
    Originally posted by kozel

    Just got discharged yesterday. Menu for me was "Clear fluid/Diabetic" and every meal was...

    Juice of some sort
    Gelatin of some flavor
    Broth of some color

    Broth was the only show stopper. I should have taken some for analysis.

    kozi, thanks for the laugh. I too am diabetic and when I have to be on those liquid diets, the broth,it's horrible. It just blows my mind that the kitchen actually thinks people will eat that swill.
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    RE: Hospital breakfasts 2007/07/02 14:12:41 (permalink)
    oops, sorry for the name screw up. That's what happens when i try to laugh and type at the same time.
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