Hot Dog Fundraisers

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2004/10/04 10:17:44 (permalink)

Hot Dog Fundraisers

Do any of the churches in your areas have hot dog fundraisers? On Saturdays, around here, some of the Senior Adult groups or Youth groups in our area sponsor Hot Dog Sales for Fundraisers. We stopped at one Saturday, the hot dogs came with your choice of mustard, onion,
homemade chili and homemade coleslaw. They were really good and only
1.00 each. They were also having a bake sale and we bought some cupcakes to eat with our hot dogs.

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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 11:48:36 (permalink)
    We don't but it's a great idea. I would love to see our High School do something like that instead of the same ol' stand out in the street half naked kid's yelling "CAR WASH". Where do your groups obtain the facilities to do the hot dog sale? Are they owned, rented maybe? It would be a big hit to set up at our one and only grocery store. I know I would get in line anyway.
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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 12:48:51 (permalink)
    Twice a year, at the Saturday/Sunday Fort Crevecoeur Rendezvous, our Boy Scout troop sells hot dogs, nachos, a big dill pickle, can soda, bottle water, and coffee. Plain dogs are $1 (with free catsup, mustard, onions and/or sweet relish) and customers can add (at 50 cents each) cheese sauce, chilli without beans or salsa. The basic nachos (with cheese sauce, chilli without beans OR salsa, plus free jalapeno slices and/or onions) are $1.50 and customers can add additional toppings for 50 cents more each. The dill pickles and drinks are 50 cents each. The troop owns an electric roaster to heat the hot dogs (dirty water dogs) and uses crock pots loaned by troop members for the cheese sauce and chilli. We give generous portions for the price, and our customers seem happy, even though we are not the only food stand at the Rendezvous. We get most of our food supplies at Wally World and Sam's Club, and usually buy our brand name soda well ahead of time when local grocery stores are having sales. We make about $150 to $200 clear profit each time we do it. We have also tried doing a corn boil stand, but found we were too dependent on the weather in a given year as to the quality and quantity (and cost) of the corn, so we gave that up.
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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 13:33:44 (permalink)
    The churches usually use their fellowship halls, but I have seen the schools set up in front of stores with tables under a tent. We had one group not too long ago set up a u shaped table formation under a tent in front of Sams Club and they were grilling the hot dogs and kept the chili in crock pots and the other condiments on ice. These
    are usually good fund raisers as some people will give you extra money if they know what cause you are raising money for. Our local banks that are closed on Saturday also let them set up in the drive through area.
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 14:09:41 (permalink)
    I see this sort of thing a couple of times a month outside a Kroger store. Girl Scouts, cheerleaders, soccer teams, etc., do these fundraisers.
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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 14:13:53 (permalink)
    I ate at a hot dog/burger sale outside of sam's a few weeks ago.

    it was pretty tasty, and cheap.

    the boy/cub scouts were out last weekend. Didn't buy. I don't see what's wrong with having gay kids in the scouts, but that's another thread, i bet.
    TJ Jackson
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    RE: Hot Dog Fundraisers 2004/10/04 14:20:14 (permalink)
    Don't know why you felt the need to bring up "gay kids in the scouts", but that's another thread.
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