Hot Doggin It, cinci.

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2008/05/31 18:29:05 (permalink)

Hot Doggin It, cinci.

I must say going in I was a little worried. Being in Cinci we tend to have nothing but chili places that tend to sell hot dogs and not hot dogs stands.

I felt a bit better when I saw the sign and it had the Vienna beef logo on it.

I Got myself the chicago dog and an Italian beef.

Got my 2 youngest kids the pup dogs.

-Chicago dog was great.poppy seed bun, neon relish, Tomato slices, pickle spear, onion, mustard, sport peppers and celery salt. Dog was nice and juicy. Def go back for more of these. loved every minute of it

The owner is from Chicago from what i gather. but his employees looked at me kind of blankly when I said I want my Italian beef good and wet. My exact words. " Dip that baby good and deep"

She stated they do dip it. When I got it to the table the bottom was a bit wet but that was it. They did load that baby to the hilt with meat tho so was def a good beef. If it would have been soggier I would have given it an 8.5 out of 10, but with it being a bit dry I gave it a 7ish. Was trying to figure out if it was vienna packaged beef or there own. Def good tho. smell was slightly off.

wanted to talk to owner but he was in a meeting with the credit card machine guy the whole time. So I didnt bother to wait around.

fries either fresh cut or they had a good brand. Fries were killer.

the pup dogs for my kids looked like the standard mini dogs they serve around town at Skyline and Gold star.

over all I am quite happy to have a place that isnt a standard chilly dog place around.

I will def be going back for more chicago dogs. Price was nice. If I remember right dogs was 2.59. The beef was 6ish.

All in all if your in cinci. It was worth the 40 minute drive for me from out here in the boonies of the east side.

It sits on 22&3 just north of harpers point heading out taword landen right before you get to field ertle road.

I would love to know if there is other good hot dog places in cinci beside the chain chilly places.

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    Russ Jackson
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Hot Doggin It, cinci. 2008/05/31 18:56:16 (permalink)
    Good report bau.
    What is the name of the place and the address?
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    RE: Hot Doggin It, cinci. 2008/06/03 09:26:41 (permalink)
    Hot Doggin' It
    12082 Montgomery Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45249

    sorry about that. didnt even notice I didnt put address lol.
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    RE: Hot Doggin It, cinci. 2008/12/21 14:57:45 (permalink)

    I've been to this place and I like it too (I have no Chicago roots, I just like a good hot dog as the centerpiece of the menu, not a side item.) I got a coney dog there once and it was served open face style with a knife and fork - absolutely no way to pick it up and eat it in the bun.

    The only worrying thing is that they seem to get little business, every time I am there. I really hope they can stay afloat.
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