How about Adkins?

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2003/11/23 05:26:54 (permalink)

How about Adkins?

I have followed, with interest,any threads relating to the Adkins diet. I know at least Sundancer has tried it out [may still be on it]I am type 2 diabetic and have lost about 15 lbs since being diagnosed a couple of years ago-but this is not enough to keep my VA doctor happy. I've got a fasting blood sugar test looming next week with a Dr. visit in late Dec. I'm considering hitting Adkins right after thankgiving to drop some pounds prior to the Dr. visit But I'm concerned about screwing up my cholesterol [I take meds for that and the diabetes]. It seems like Adkins would be good for contolling blood sugar[eating less carbs]but I'm sure about side effects. Would appreciate any comments about your experiences with Dr. Adkins.

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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 05:38:16 (permalink)
    I am still doing the Atkin's diet but I have considered about 50 times getting off it. You will lose weight but it is boring. I have not had any bread, grains or sugar in 11 weeks. I have lost 22 pounds.

    I would think that you being a diabetic, the no carb/low carb would be just right.

    I have not had my cholestrol checked but I am due to have it done next week.

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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 10:03:25 (permalink)
    I too was on the Atkins diet...long before it became the "vogue". I lost an amazing 40 lbs. over a 3 month period(250lbs. down to 210lbs.). I have since put back on about 10 of those pounds, but for the most part have kept the weight off. Keep in mind, keeping the weight off has NOTHING to do with this diet! You really DO need to change your eating habits.

    Paul is absolutely correct....BORING!!! That is the number one problem with this diet...what sounds great at first, very quickly becomes boring.

    You can lose weight very quickly on this diet but it takes several days to get the carbs out of your system. Once you start, DO NOT go over your limit of carbs per day. It will simply ruin the entire process....intro of any carbs will react with all the protein and you will lose nothing. I say start one week ahead and follow the program to the key.

    I have also talked to many about the blood tests that followed....most claim their blood levels got better or stayed the same....none had any incidence of incresed cholesterol or Triglycerides. Personally, mine went down. If you read the background medical info regarding exactly what is going on with your body, the diet really does make sense and is really not that "dangerous" as many proclaim. More and more evidence suggest that blood levels aren't adversely affected by the diet.

    PLEASE.....this is in NO way an endorsement of the diet and obviously YOUR medical condition plays a huge part in the process. I am a perfectly healthy male with no medical maladies whatsoever, so PLEASE don't take this as a cure-all for weight problems.

    Good luck to you!

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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 11:37:55 (permalink)
    I have been on the Atkins diet since the middle of August. I have lost 30 lb. so far. It is easy to follow, just eat a lot of protein and a small amount of carbs. Their are many things you have to give up like bread, potatoes, sweets, and so on, but I don't miss them much. I feel better than I have in years and have plenty of energy. It is the perfect diet for diabetes, but you have to have will power tell you get your poor eating habits under control... JB
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 12:55:04 (permalink)
    I have been on The Adkins diet for a year, I have lost a little over 100 Pounds. It is great and I do not find it boring. As I love to cook (and eat), I get a lot of low carb recipe's off the internet. It really works, by the way I am diabetis also. My Doctor put me on the diet. The Admiral!
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 16:03:50 (permalink)
    As someone who counsels diabetics for a living...

    If you have any type of diabetes, (type 1 or type 2) do NOT do Atkins, South Beach, or other similar high-protein/low carb diets without first consulting with your doctor.

    The reason for this is that diabetics are prone to subtle kidney damage, and the amount of protein in these diets can stress the kidneys straight into renal failure.

    Diabetics CAN do these diets safely, and many do and find them helpful. But the state of the kidneys should be carefully monitored by the doctor before and during the diet. Also, the weight loss may require frequent medication adjustments. The kidney testing that needs to be done is a simple one to check for protein in the urine that takes only a few minutes in the office - it's well worth taking the time to have it done.

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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 18:05:26 (permalink)
    Mary good advice
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 20:02:30 (permalink)
    As a type 2 diabetic myself, I second your advice. Besides the kidney problems there can also be the too low sugar response from over restricting your carb intake. Atkins, completely restricts your intake of carbs in the beginning, this is no more a good thing for a diabetic than taking in too much carb.
    You say you have lost 15 pounds but you don't say how. What about your exercise program?? That may be what the doctor is looking for. I know that's what mine is more interested in. Just walking 1/2 hour a day can keep him happy.
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/23 21:15:45 (permalink)
    Adkins diet in a Diabetic will likely result in Keto-Acidosis .. Not a Fun place to visit
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/24 03:04:36 (permalink)
    I too am type II diabetic. Atkins shot my cholesterol way up. Check out "Low-glycemic index foods" on the internet. It mainly seems to be sugar, flour, white rice, and baking potatoes that are dangerous. "Boiling" potatoes like White Rose and New potatoes and other carbs aren't as bad. There just seems to be no escape from the chicken-fish-vegetable-fruit-grains-legumes diet that we have to follow. My dad lost 70 pounds and kept it off for 20 years that way. I'm still trying to drop the weight, but my last A1C was 4.6
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    RE: How about Adkins? 2003/11/24 06:02:38 (permalink)
    Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry. Mary really hit my concerns on the head. That is what I was worried about, because two of my sisters had complete renal failure. That is not what I want! OC-you are correct also, I have been busy and let my walking program die this summer. That's probably why my weight control, is out of control, I guess. I'll have to put back on my walkin' shoes. Thanks again to all for taking the time to try to help.
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