How do you like your burger?

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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/08 15:30:03 (permalink)
Originally posted by wallhd

A hamburger is pretty good no matter how it is cooked or what it is dressed with, but......

Given a choice I will take mine rare to medium rare on a soft bun, lightly toasted, with white American cheese, sometimes with a slice of onion, sometimes with a slice of grilled onion, salt and pepper and NOTHING else!

What some places call a patty melt, i.e. a cheeseburger added to a grilled cheese sandwich on white bread, is a nice variation sometimes as well.

I like mine with cheese, sauteed onions, sweet pickle relish, ketchup and mustard. By the way, my meat has to be well done. I won't touch the burger if it isn't.

I can remember being in some sort of small cafe in Johnson City Texas 10 years ago or so and ordering what their menu touted as a 1/2# burger. I told the teen ager who waited on me that I wanted that burger with cheese. She asked me what else I wanted on it and I said "just cheese thanks". Off she went behind the counter and hollered quite loudly that "some guy out there wants our big burger (or whatever they called it) with nothing but cheese"! I guess this boy with the funny (upstate NY) accent must have seemed like a real oddball to someone from rural Texas!!

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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/08 16:41:55 (permalink)
As long as it's not sloppy and has lettuce and tomato, i'm fine with it. I prefer no ketchup on the burger (i usually dip the burger in ketchup towards the end), either mayo or mustard (not both), preferably pickles and onions.
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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/08 17:53:07 (permalink)
Love my burger done medium well on a fresh "quality" roll. (Not those supermarket 8 packs). The fixins I like on it are cheese, lettuce, tomato,
diced onions, and Weber's mustard. Pickles on the side!
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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/08 18:03:50 (permalink)
Well here goes.
I like my burgers WELL DONE fixed in a blistering hot cast iron skillet. One side crisp and then turned over and the heat reduced to complete the cooking. I like mustard, onion,lettuce and tomato. A combination of any of those ingredients as long as onion is present.
Served with great fries doctored up with Texas Pete.

I had a very nasty experiene with a medium burger which I didn't much care for anyway .. it gave a whole new meaning to bed-bath-and-beyond.
Sick! sick! sick!

Did the raw hamberger cause it? I don't know.
Am I willing to take that chance again. NO
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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/08 18:22:36 (permalink)
I like my burgers medium. Just pink on the inside. NO red, or it gets returned. Part of this is my concern about bacteria. Part of it is just preference. The one exception would be "steamers", which are juicy even if well done.

And I like relish, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, and a bit of mayo. And bacon and cheese is good as well. Raw onions taste good, but they don't agree with me, so I don't eat them.
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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/09 22:57:47 (permalink)
Grill it over a flame just until the mooing stops, then serve it on a toasted sesame seed bun with the standard fixin’s, but add bacon and crumbled bleu cheese.
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RE: How do you like your burger? 2005/01/11 08:59:23 (permalink)
I like buns topped with sesame seeds. I like brown mustard,those refrigerated dill long slices of pickle,a thick slice of a sweet onion,tomato,lettuce,lots of mayo,swiss cheese. But, it has to be dressed in an exact order- mustard on bottom bum,then pickles(I dry then on a paper towel),onion,hamburger,lettuce & lots of mayo.
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