How many locations ?

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2011/01/01 14:37:10 (permalink)

How many locations ?

Does a Restaurant have to have before it's considered a Chain? If all the locations are owned by the same person/family, and the food is cooked on site, is it a Chain, a la Ruth Chris, which I don't think is a franchise.
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/01 15:51:16 (permalink)
    Personally, I don't base it on number of locations, but on whether or not I can get identical food at more than one location whether said locations are on opposite sides of town or opposite sides of the country.
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 01:28:09 (permalink)
    Ruth Chris has numerous franchises.  Their first franchise was opened in Baton Rouge. Many more since then. Plus 12 franchises 0verseas including Canada. 120 total in all restaurants. 19 Mitchell's Fish Markets, 2 Mitchell's steakhouses and one Cameron's Steakhouse.

    To not  be a chain would have to say three places less than 100 miles apart. Possibly with a small core of food items for all three, but each place Cook/Chef would have free range to change the rest of the menu to their desire and location. season, availability of fresh produce and such.
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 08:03:28 (permalink)
    A chain is owned by a corporation that hires managers to run their business.. A franchise is someone who buys a store from the chain, must adhere to their standards, but realizes a profit from their investment.Doesnt matter how many or geographic adherences.
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 10:45:38 (permalink)
    Ruth Chris is known as a high quality restaurant.  They have a location in Knoxville.  I took a group of eight there last year for a Christmas/Bday dinner.  I was dissapointed
    Roz and I went there on Christmas Eve and in my opinion, they do not have their act together.  I hate to write negative thoughts but when I get two in a row, I will quit them.  They are fired.
    There was a huge crowd there and obviously, some folks like it but I am off the list.  I got a horse derver of onion rings and they were apparently fried in oil that was ancient and foul tasting.  The salad was wilted and not good and we quit then.
    I am sorry to write such a negative report on a national known chain.
    Paul E. Smith
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 10:48:27 (permalink)
    Milo's Hamburgers has 16 locations (Birmingham area), but the food is so deliciously Roadfoodish, I don't consider it a chain at all.
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 12:53:37 (permalink)
    Dog N Suds kinds of fits that description, too, although I think part of the reason I like the food is the role it played in my childhood.
    And then there are the chains that have shrunk to just 2 or 3 places, like Chip's Hamburgers here in Wisconsin (which I don't think was ever really that big to begin with).
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    Re:How many locations ? 2011/01/02 13:01:47 (permalink)
    I think Ann's description is the closest.
    Sometimes chains have regional differences.  It might not be cost effective to send clams from the east coast to a west coast location.
    I think a chain is more than two because two is just that with aspirations of becoming a chain.
    Franchises are bound be rules and regulations.  Even if you have the best idea in the world to add or supliment your location... you can't do it!
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