How to cook Sabrett's

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RE: How to cook Sabrett's 2006/11/14 23:55:30 (permalink)
As someone who lives in NYC, I can tell you the absolute best way to cook a Sabrett's hot dog.

Step 1: Depending on time and distance, fly or drive to NYC.

Step 2: Find a pushcart.

Step 2:a if vender is wearing a turban move on to the next pushcart. If after 12 or more pushcart venders all look like terrorists then review step 3

Step 3: Being a true New Yorker you must learn that the majority of New York cab drivers are Pakistani, not Indian they also wear turbans ......but are not the only culture that wear turbans (see below)

Step 3:a Know that a hot-dog pushcart filled with TNT will and able to perambulate any where in the city unnoticed a deadly vehicle for sure, ...better to eat your hot-dogs at Gray's Papaya

Any other way, it won't taste the same, trust me.

In Islamic culture, the turban (Arabic: #1593;#1605;#1575;#1605;#1577; imamah, Persian: #1583;#1587;#1578;#1575;#1585; dast#257;r, Hindustani: #2360;#2366;#2347;#2364;#2366; #1587;#1575;#1601;#1575; s#257;f#257;) is an important spiritual element of the cultural faith. Ancient Arabs wore them and took pride in them; to be deprived of one's turban was humiliating, and knocking a man's turban off was considered an insult. In daily life, the turban was very useful for fending off the desert sand and protecting the face from high temperatures and strong sunlight. In modern Persian Gulf countries, the turban has been replaced by the white or red-and-white checkered scarf (called keffiyeh, ghutrah or shumagh), though the turban tradition is still strong in Oman (see, for example, Sultan Qaboos of Oman). In Sudan, a large white turban is worn and can indicate social status. Islamic leaders can be seen wearing turbans, in particular Shia Muslim scholars who have become famous for them (e.g., Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei, Hezbollah head Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, and newcomers to the world stage, like Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani). These are worn by Persian and Arab scholars alike; the black colour indicates a sayyid, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. Jews in Arabic countries often wore turbans as well, due to assimilation. The traditional color is black. In the countires of South Asia, some Muslims are seen wearing the turban. In fact, in Afghanistan, students were once forced to wear the turban under Taliban rule[1]. ........also a must read
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RE: How to cook Sabrett's 2006/11/15 18:30:41 (permalink)
Originally posted by phatphil


Yeah but then he won't have a decent frank.

Now back to the subject at hand. You either boil your Sabretts or wrap em in aluminum foil and cook em in your oven. Either way you can't go wrong. Toppings I would recommend are mustard, Sabrett sauteed onions and a touch of kraut. One or all three on your Sabrett and it's a wrap!!!
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