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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2016/10/02 07:10:40 (permalink)
Friday August 5, 2016 - When planning a food crawl or a trip to see my family I often find myself using Google Maps to come up with interesting places to eat and things to do.  One such place I came across was the a place called Donut Shop (aka Washboard Laundromat) in Tupper Lake, NY.  Turns out it is a mix of Native American art store/laundromat/donut shop, with a pair of horses on the roof.  Definitely a combination I have never encountered in any of my Roadfood travels!  

The laundromat is pretty much what you'd expect, nothing fancy.

The Native American art store was pretty cool and featured some really creative pieces of artwork.

Dolls.  I could never buy one of these for myself as the though of having one in my apartment, looking at me, would just be too creepy.

And some really creative pieces of furniture.

The donut shop is pretty small and very simple.  They only make plain cake-style donuts and the different flavors come from the various frostings and toppings.  This seems easy enough to understand but for some reason I just wasn't getting it until Dayna explained it to me for a second time!  While they do have bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other assorted foods, I'm not sure if they are homemade.  However, I did notice the large standing mixer, flour scale and handheld donut extruder on the counter (below the menu - sorry for the poorly lit photo) so I had a feeling that these donuts were going to be great.

Cinnamon-sugar on the left and Maple-frosted on the right.  Both of these were fresh tasting and the Maple-frosted had an intense maple flavor to it.  I'll be back when we stay in Tupper Lake next summer.

Our lunch stop was another find courtesy of of a Google search that led me to the website.  Great listings for restaurants, hiking, outdoor activities, museums and so much more!  Larkin's Deli & Bakery is part gas station, part convenience store, part deli, part bakery and stop number two for another taste of those Michigan-style hot dogs.  

Firewood for S'mores, anyone?  Nope.  My uncle knows a guy in the area and he gave us all of the free firewood we needed for the week.  Michigans are why I'm here!

Signs for local fundraisers, ice cream socials, jobs, concerts and other goings-on are usually a good indicator of a place the locals frequent.

Just a few booths for seating.  Food is ordered at the cash register and drinks are from the refrigerated cases.

This is one drink I think I'll pass on trying.  I don't even remember drinking it in the 1990s when it first came on the market.

A pair of Michigans with chips for my lady & I.  These were pretty good.  I forgot to ask what kind of dogs they use.  I think these may have been steamed rather than grilled as I didn't detect any char or crust on them.  I'm definitely more of a grilled/griddled hot dog fan but I liked these and would go back again.  The Michigan meat sauce was a bit drier than the sauce at Skyline Drive-In the day before.  There wasn't any spice to this or tomato sauce in it but there was some onion and I did taste something slightly sweet.  Cinnamon?  Clove?  Not sure, but it worked for me.

There was a LOT more "road" than "food" on this trip and since we had fled up on those donuts and hot dogs, we were ready to tackle our big hike up Mt. Arab in Piercefield, NY, just outside of Tupper Lake.  I read about this on the Tupper Lake website as well and what really drew me in is that they have a fire tower at the summit and hikers can climb up i it and get 360 degree views that I really cannot describe in a way that will do them justice.  A short drive down a dirt road, there isn't much signage to point out the trailhead except for this one below.  Parking is in a loose gravel lot across the street.  

The beginning of the trail...

Dayna, signing in the log book.  This lets rangers know who is on the trail and when they arrived.  Hikers should also sign out when they leave so that rangers will know that everyone came down safely and to look for anyone should they not sign out.  Dayna had never gone hiking before and this was fairly challenging terrain so I was a bit nervous.

The trail is pretty well-maintained...

with lots of beautiful foliage along the way.  It is very important though, to keep one's eyes on the trail.  I did trip a few times on the way up while getting distracted by some of the sights off of the trail...

and as flat as it is in some places...

and very scenic...

it did get pretty rough and uneven, with a lot of rocks and tree roots sticking out of the ground.  There were also some areas where the trail would plateau but for the most part it was a very vigorous uphill climb.

The rocks in the photo above were quite obvious but these ones below were few and far between so paying attention was key.  

These looked like little mini ferns.

We had gotten a late start and didn't begin our ascent until 3:00pm so we didn't see too many people on the way up.  We passed on small group on the way down and the guide who operates the museum at the summit.  Dang!  I was really hoping to take a tour of that but perhaps next summer.  We did come across a family near the summit who had an interesting story.  They hike all over the U.S. and the father had made hiking sticks for his wife and their 7-year old daughter.

As you can see, they have been to quite a few places and have acquired metal tags from each hike they have completed.    Bryce Canyon in Utah, Niagara Falls in New York, Glacier National Park in Montana and many, many more.
The father & mother said that their daughter had hiked up the Delicate Arch in Utah with them when she was just 3 years old!  Pretty cool.  Hearing about this and seeing their tags from various Utah-based parks reminded of so many of the fantastic trip report and photos that Buffetbuster has posted from those parks and that region.  Great stuff, man!!  I find myself re-reading them often.

Dayna, relaxing on a bench just before the summit.  This photo op was just too good to pass up.  The views from here were amazing!

Welcome to the Adirondacks.


So Dayna took one of me soaking in the view as well.

Not sure what sign I was trying to make here but pay no attention to the weird man in the photo.  Instead, focus your gaze just to his right...

A better close-up.

The fire tower museum that we just missed before it closed for the day.  Fire towers have been around on the summits of many Adirondack Mountains with fire watchers manning them as an early warning system should a fire break out in the region.  The Travelin' Man was there in spirit...  I read a lot about it here:
Sounds like a very interesting place and the Nature Interpreter who runs it sounds like he has some great stories!

The fire tower awaits...

I am NOT a fan of heights!  Despite this being Dayna's first hike and neither of us being in prime shape for it, we both made it to the summit in good time and she was "gung-ho" to climb the tower so I couldn't chicken out now.  Great.  

That's mighty high...

My legs were definitely shaking and I didn't look down once during the 5-story climb but the view was totally worth it!

It was pretty windy up here and the platform shook (just a wee bit) but I would have regretted it if I had only seen pictures of this later.  What these do not convey, however, are the sounds, sights and smells of just how wonderful it is to be in the middle of the Adirondacks.  In person, the green of the trees really does pop, the sound of the wind as it makes the leaves rustle, the smell of the vast array of tree species.  Brings back many memories of camping, hiking and spending time with my family in this region so many years ago.

On our way back to Long Lake, we passed this motel and I just had to try around for some photos.  I asked the proprietor if I could take some photos and he was totally okay with it.  He said it was for sale and wanted to know if would be interested in buying.  Given the name, if figured that this was one offer I could totally refuse!  Love that neon though.  I'll bet that it really pops at after dark.

Looks like a throwback to the 1950s or 1960s.

That's it for this installment.  Just one more to go for this trip.  Coming up next...another BIG chair, a museum unlike any other, doggies on parade (Yay!!), pure maple goodness and a Taste of NY!!
The 411:
1.)  Washboard Laundromat
      48 Park Street
      Tupper Lake, NY 12986
       Ph# 518-359-2339
       No website
2.)  Larkin's Deli & Bakery
      548 Main Street
      Tupper Lake, NY 12986
      Ph# 518-359-9000
3.)  Mt. Arab
      Mount Arab Road
      Piercefield, NY 12973
      Ph# 518-359-3328
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2016/10/02 10:56:33 (permalink)
Enjoying travelling along with you. Some amazing scenery. I love New York!!!
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2016/10/02 19:50:43 (permalink)
The Faust Motel looks like an old "motor court" postcard.  I think you should at least inquire about the asking price.
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2016/10/02 20:03:11 (permalink)
Absolutely gorgeous. Good looking food and goes to show there IS still Road Food out there, as you suggest, just may have to do some research and get away from yuppy  territory to find it. love that motor court, shades of It Happened One Night.
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/09 11:21:13 (permalink)
Saturday August 6, 2016 - On our last day in the Adirondacks, we went back to the Long Lake Diner for breakfast.  A mushroom omelet, sausage patties, home fries and rye toast fueled me for our upcoming museum visit and the long drive ahead.  

My first visit to the Adirondack Museum in many, many years.

So much history inside of this museum.  

Big Bear in a big chair!!

This is the one memory from my last visit that is burned into my mind...the big sailboat on display in the main building.


A little info about the Water Witch.

Canoeing, sailing and other forms of boating have been popular in the Adirondacks for a very long time.

While we didn't go by steamboat, my family and I took a boat around Raquette Lake for my mom's wedding reception in 2008.  Truly a beautiful place.

More seaworthy crafts.

So popular that there were many groups dedicated to navigating the waterways of the Adirondacks.

It's all a matter of opinion...

Pretty cool.


An early era log hotel.

One of the first hotels in the Adirondacks.


Interior of the Merwin House Hotel.  The sitting room.

Advertisements from an earlier time.



As it turned out, we visited on the day of the Dogs Days of Summer Parade.  Yay!  Dayna and I both love dogs and there were so many sweet doggies to see and pet.

This handsome boy, I think his name was Archie, had a football jersey on and was dressed as the "Quarter Bark".

Pooches on parade!

A pair of siblings: one a referee and the other a goalie for the Flyers.

Off to the side of the parade, a woman had a tent set up and was selling locally made maple products from her family's maple sugaring farm, Black Rooster Maple, in Keene, NY.  


 I picked up a jar of this maple cream and have been using it on pancake, french toast and just regular toast instead of butter.  Wow!  Pure maple to the Nth power!!

An old time outhouse.  Used a few outhouses while camping in some rural areas of the Adirondacks.

Some of the early hotels had "modern" and "luxury" conveniences of the day: croquet, tennis, boating, maid service, etc...

The pastimes of the city dwellers, found deep in the woods!

So many from which to choose.

One of the more luxurious hotels.

A small scale model of a hotel bedroom.

A great place to get away and just think.

Something about this cottage just really spoke to me.  If such a place was available right now, I'd get away for a week and just explore the region.

A bit of info...

A small, man-made lake at the museum where kids can go canoe rides.

Some early camps had tents set up for different purposes.  I forget what this one was for.

I believe that this one was for sitting and having tea.

Another fire tower!!

This one sat atop Whiteface Mountain for many years.  It's a pretty arduous hike to the top that we may or may not tackle this summer.  Stay tuned...

The view of the Adirondack Museum from the platform in the old Whiteface Mountain fire tower.  This climb was much easier than the tower at Mt. Arab.  While the photo is not of the best quality, the view in person is quite breathtaking.

After we left the museum, we drove east to head back down to NYC via Rte. 87.  We pulled over at a rest stop and found a farmers market as well as this Taste of NY section inside of the main building.  I think a number of rest stops along the NYS Thruway have these in them.

While we didn't find anything at the foreman's market that piqued our interest, we did pick up a bottle of Spiedie Sauce...

Some Red Jacket Orchards apple cider and some Ronnybrook Farms chocolate milk (my personal favorite).  

The 411:
1.)  Long Lake Diner
      1161 Main Street
      Long Lake, NY 12847
      Ph# 518-624-3941
      No website
2.)  Adirondack Museum
      9097 State Route 30
      Blue Mountain Lake, NY 12812
      Ph# 518-352-7311
      It is a seasonal museum.  2017 dates are May 26, 2017 to October 9, 2017.  Seven days a week, 10am to 5pm.
That's all for now.  My apologies for taking so long to finally finish this last installment but thanks for tuning in.  Coming up in August...staying in Rainbow Lake with visits to Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.  More Michigan-style hot dogs, hiking, maybe another fire tower climb and a visit to the 1980 Olympic Village!!
"Eating is an adventure, enjoy the ride!" - billyboy, 2017
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/09 12:45:58 (permalink)
You have to stop posting this stuff. It's too damned good.
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/10 11:04:47 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ChiTownDiner 2017/03/10 18:06:02
Mr. Hoffman, there is much more to come!!!!!
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/10 11:18:42 (permalink)
Great stuff!

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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/10 12:05:42 (permalink)
Friday December 23, 2016 - Dayna and I headed to Rome for the holidays with my family.  Being pretty hungry by the time we arrived in Rome, NY, we headed out to dinner at Gone Coastal in Lee Center, NY, not far from where I grew up.  In the interest of full disclosure, Gone Coastal is owned and operated by my cousin, Bob Griffin.  My apologies for the low-light photos as I'm still figuring out the settings on my smart phone.  This half order of greens was just right.  Earthy, with just a bit of crunch, lots of garlic and some spicy peppers, onions and romano cheese, Bob (who is also the chef) really knows how to let the flavor of the greens shine through.  

 I went with the special of the evening, Chicken & Biscuits.  Very tender, shredded chicken in a deeply flavored gravy atop soft biscuits.  I was ready for a nap after that dinner!  It's definitely a locals spot and is located right alongside one of the many snowmobile trails in the area so they get a LOT of sliders coming in for some drinks and good grub and there were quite a few still in their snowsuits at the bar when we arrived.  We also ran into our neighbors who still live a few houses down the street from my mom.  

 One of our Christmas traditions is to drive around town and look at the different homes that have huge light displays.  This was the best photo of a few and really sums up how many families get into the holiday spirit.  

 This, however, is my favorite.  Very simple and understated.  Years ago, this farmer used to hoist a tree onto the top of the silo and light it.  

Mom's Christmas tree, complete with ornaments from all of our travels, pictures of our dog, homemade ornaments from our grandparents going back over 40 years.  I look forward to this brightly lit family history every year.

Saturday December 24, 2016 - We had a massive Christmas Eve brunch with our uncles and aunts in Rome and then headed up to Syracuse for Christmas with my sister and her family.  Unlike the 65 degree temps in 2015, there was actually snow this year and ice forming on the hedges in front of their house!

 Monday December 26, 2016 - We had a great, relaxing holiday and decided to grab dinner at a place I have wanted to check out for some time, Funk-n-Waffles.  A pair of Syracuse University grads started this place a number of years ago and it has really taken off.  The original spot by the University has since closed (they're looking for new digs) but they are expanding into Rochester, NY.  

 There is always funk music playing on the PA system (on this night it was George Clinton and P-Funk) and they also have live acts, which were just setting up by the time we left.

 So many waffles, so little time...

 My BIL, Dennis, went with the pulled pork waffle, smothered in Dinosaur BBQ sauce.  Good stuff.

 My niece, Maddie, chose the bacon, brie and basil with apricot marmalade.  Sounds like an odd combination but it really worked.

 My sister and I both ordered the Jive Turkey, which is a waffle made of stuffing (what?!?!), topped with smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and with a side of cranberry sauce (I am soooo glad they remembered the cranberry sauce!).  This was excellent.  Obviously, some of the crispy waffle is compromised by all of the toppings, similar to how it also happens with fresh-cut fries in a dish of poutine, but it is totally worth it.

 We swung by the downtown Syracuse area to check out the Christmas lights.

 Tuesday December 27, 2016 - Dayna and I headed out for breakfast at a local favorite of ours, Stella's Diner.  The place was packed and the line was long but we didn't have to wait too long and our waitress was pretty cheery and helpful.  I haven't had the "Fretta" here in years and it was as good as ever.  Scrambled eggs, home fries, ham, sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, mushrooms, onions and peppers.  I opted to top it with cheddar cheese for an extra $1.20.  So good but best if shared by 2 people as it is HUGE!  Bonus points for the thick-cut Italian toast.

The 411:
1.)  Gone Coastal
      5345 Lee Center-Taberg Road
      Lee Center, NY 13363 
      Ph# 315-533-7229
2.)  Funk-n-Waffles
      307 S. Clinton Street
      Syracuse, NY 13202
      Ph# 315-474-1060
3.)  Stella's Diner
      110 Wolf Street
      Syracuse, NY 13208
      Ph# 315-425-0353
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/10 14:10:11 (permalink)
Everything looks fantastic-but I think I would be all over the bacon brie waffle!
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/10 16:17:07 (permalink)
Billyboy, I love all your reports.  I lived in that area for 30 years!  I have done many of the trails in the Adirondacks.  Our favorite restaurant to go to in Rome was The Savoy.  An elderly gentleman, who was the uncle of one of our customers, always waited on us.......................great memories!
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/11 08:19:02 (permalink)
Thursday February 9, 2017
 In the 2nd of what I hope will be an annual trip, I headed up to Rome to attend the Positively Rome Moonlight Trail Ski & Walk event.  It also gave me the chance to meet with accountant to get my taxes done, spend some quality time with Mom and Harold and to celebrate with my uncles as they retired and sold the 71-year old family business that they had run for the last 31 years.  A well-deserved rest for them!!  This picture below was the spot where two cars on the Amtrak met up.  Lots of snow on this trip!

 Apparently, some birds arrived at the train station before I did!

 Dinner at Teddy's Restaurant was a must.  

 I usually go for their red sauce Italian-American specialties as I feel that is where they really shine (and their homemade desserts!) but when I found out they only roast a turkey one night a week for this special I just had to try it. I'm glad I went outside of my comfort zone as this was a really fresh tasting plate of comfort food.  Creamy mashed potatoes, savory stuffing, moist roasted turkey and slightly crunchy steamed broccoli.There was a small bowl of cranberry sauce just out of frame.  I did get a slice of warm Toll House pie but forgot to take a picture.  Sorry, buffetbuster.  " />

 Friday February 10, 2017 - After seeing my accountant, I headed over to Big Daddy Sandwiches for one of my favorite subs since my high school days.  The Ruby D is a messy, multi-napkin toasted pastrami sub with plenty of pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing.  While no one will ever confuse this with a NYC Jewish deli Reuben, I have found it immensely satisfying for almost three decades.  One note: B & L Italian Bakery that was located just two blocks down the street has closed and Big Daddy now gets their sub rolls from Syracuse-based New York Bakery.  While I miss those sturdy, yet tender rolls, these new ones are a fine successor.

 They make a pretty fine mayo-based potato salad that is creamy but not drippy.  

In another case of Facebook helping to spread the good word, I had been reading about Delta Bakery & Deli for the past few months and made it a point to stop in during this trip.  The small group of businesses in this strip known as Delta Plaza gave me so much "food joy" since I was a little boy: my first taste of BBQ ham sandwiches and homemade pies at the seasonal Pie Stand, then regular visits on my 10-speed bike to Delta Beverage & Deli for tasty sub sandwiches in high school and as my neighborhood source for Turkey Joints, a local specialty candy, then breakfasts and dinners at the Suburban Cafe for some of Phil Uvanni's greens and hard crust Italian toast.  However, there hasn't been a food-based business in the Plaza in nearly a decade, so this newest addition is a welcome sight.

 The menu board.

 I don't know who Harold the Haddock was but he was mighty tasty!  A Friday fish fry is a long-standing tradition in these parts as there is a large Catholic population and many people do not eat meat on Fridays.  Nearly every restaurant offers up a fish fry special on Friday and many fire houses, VFW posts, K of C and churches have them available throughout the year.  

 They have a pretty nice selection of pastries too.  I was so glad to see that they have "pusties" (aka pastaciotti) on their menu.  Yes, the name sounds weird but they are a local specialty with a huge following.

 Being a Friday, I went with the Fish Fry dinner with sides of onion rings and macaroni salad.  I had to run a few errands before heading home to eat this and yet it was still crispy and hot when I dug in for my first bite.  Moist and flaky this was a a hefty hunk o' haddock that made even this "fish frowner" happy.  The O-rings were great also,  The batter clung to the onions and the mac salad reminded me of the kind that my grandma used to make at family cookouts.  Having lived in NYC for so many years, I always experience a reverse sort of "sticker shock" whenever I eat out back in Rome.  I couldn't believe that all of this food was only $8.95!  

 Chef Mike, the owner, was out of pusties by the time I arrived but he said I should try the eclair and he threw in one on the house!  This was really fresh.

 The pate a choux pastry was tender and flaky, the cream just faintly sweet and the chocolate ganache on top was dark and rich.  I didn't share this with anyone and I'm not sorry!

 Saturday February 11, 2017 - Mom, Harold and I got up early to run some errands in Utica, NY and stopped for breakfast at the Boulevard Diner in Whitesboro, NY.  My Uncle Pete & Aunt Melody had recommended this place so I was eager to try it out.

 In doing some online sleuthing, I knew that they served Giambrotte, a local specialty, for breakfast.  It's a pretty hearty dish and one of my favorites.  

 This is one of the smaller ones I have come across and at $10.49, one of the pricier ones.  However, it was very filling and packed with flavor.  All of the ingredients listed above were well-balanced and came together quite nicely.  I think my favorite part were the hot peppers which I believe may have been pickled and pack a spicy punch.  

 They didn't have any hard crust Italian toast, which is my favorite bread to order with breakfast but this thick-cut challah was a fine substitute.  

 Later that evening, I packed up my mom's car and drove over to Delta Lake State Park for the annual Positively Rome Moonlight Ski & Walk.  Jake DiBari is a native Roman who is the founder of Positively Rome and he organizes events throughout the year to get Romans out and about and to showcase the many things there are to do in the "Copper City".  Rome, NY is the home of Revere Copper Products Inc., hence the nickname.  Once again, I found out about this through Facebook last year and knew I'd have to make the trip every year for this event.  When I arrived some people were getting warm by a barrel fire, others were prepping to hit the trails while others were just getting back.  In the background, you can see the Come Fry With Me food truck.  I stopped there after skiing to grab a hot dog and some fresh-cut fries for dinner.  Good stuff.

 My favorite shot of the trail.  Luminaries set up on either side of the trail to illuminate the way. skiers up ahead wearing their head lamps (as many of us did) to see the surface of the trail, which could be icy, bumpy, slope downhill a bit, etc. Last year's event was so warm that it was a trail walk as there wasn't any snow at all.  Rome had gotten a good base of snow this year and I was eager to strap on my skis.  Despite not having been on them in 7-8 years I think I did ok.

 Towards the end of the trail, they had colored lights stung about in the trees and bright lights on some picnic tables to let skiers know they were almost done.  I had skied these trails with my family back in the mid-1980s and it was like a trip down memory lane for me.  

 Let me stand next to your fire!!!

 Another bonus in attending this outing was that I was able to catch up with friends.  Joann & Patti are a pair of ladies that have run the Delta Lake Half Marathon with me a number of times over the years.  We run about the same pace so we would keep each other company and talk throughout the run and encourage one another.  So good to see both of you!  I also ran into Kelly, a former co-worker of mine when we both were at a non-profit helping troubled teens.  

 Rome experienced two small blizzards while I was in town.  Mom's house saw quite a bit of the white stuff.

 I spent many mornings listening to the radio, waiting to hear my school's name in the list of closings so I could grab my sled and spend half the days flying down the nearby hills.  I never tire of looking at a crisp, Central NY snowfall.

The 411:
1.)  Teddy's Restaurant
      851 Black River Blvd.N.
      Rome, NY 13440
      Ph# 315-336-7839
2.)  Big Daddy Sandwiches
      500 N. James Street
      Rome, NY 13440
      Ph# 315-336-9556
      No website
3.)  Delta Bakery & Deli
      8605 Turin Road (Delta Plaza)
      Rome, NY 13440
      Ph# 315-795-2165
      Facebook page:
4.)  Boulevard Diner
      24 Roosevelt Drive
      Whitesboro, NY 13492
      Ph# 315-982-6010
5.)  Postively Rome Moonlight Ski & Walk - see the Positively Rome Facebook page for info on upcoming events.
Filet Mignon
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/11 10:50:46 (permalink)
Remarkable!  Just finished wiping down the screen!  
Love it!  
Double Cheeseburger
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/11 11:08:47 (permalink)
Incredible photos. Thanks for letting us tag along....
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/11 12:39:15 (permalink)
Great eats and sights, Billy!  At least some people got some decent snow this season...
ann peeples
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Re: I Say Fretta, You Say Frittata (or Fretatta!) and the Passion of the Pusty 2017/03/11 13:40:42 (permalink)
I love that you show us good food in your neighborhood and surroundings!
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