I am Woman, See Me FLY!

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2006/02/16 02:07:41 (permalink)

I am Woman, See Me FLY!


We are all not just prissies!
We are part of the United Forces. An elite Crew!
And the ratio of women to men flying B-2 STEALTH Bombers is QUITE Slim... uh, like none to none!
Yeah.. Lets hear it for the ladies in the Military.
They are few and far between recognized for what "WE" are really capable of!
The B2 is one of the most technologicaly advanced aircraft ever known to the military from all over the world, and it takes a competent "-Ahem".. Man (WOMAN) to fly one of the most coveted planes ever know to the military force all over the world!
Men grovel to fly one of these.
Ha Ha.
This is for all ya'll men that consider women "STUPID" and not in control of their emotions.
Yah... some of those women keep our back door safe!
And you know you I am talking to!
And the best part is that she is from my home town of Miami, Fla.

Go, Jennifer, GO!
I am proud to have you watching my back!

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    RE: I am Woman, See Me FLY! 2006/02/16 15:38:42 (permalink)
    The general public has no idea of the important role of women in our military today. We can't go to war without them.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: I am Woman, See Me FLY! 2006/02/16 15:50:28 (permalink)
    How timely. Just this morning I was following a car with a license plate frame which read, "A Woman's Place is in the Cockpit"...
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    RE: I am Woman, See Me FLY! 2006/02/17 11:09:12 (permalink)
    WHOOOO YAAAA!!!!!!!

    Former SGT (74D20, 74F20, 71L20), OD Green, Female, 1 each
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: I am Woman, See Me FLY! 2006/02/17 14:11:18 (permalink)
    puts me in mind of the bumper sticker "I have pms AND a gun...your move"
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    RE: I am Woman, See Me FLY! 2006/02/21 17:29:08 (permalink)
    Always makes me smile. My daughter was a navigator on a C-130 for the Coast Guard. You go girl!
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