I could do the range or the parade or...

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I could do the range or the parade or...

We've done this once before but in reverse. A Saturday, we did the range in the day then sped downtown and did the parade. Not a mindblower, but we did ok and had fun.

This one is way tighter. Mid morning parade which we'll try and detach from ASAP and run to the range. There's no way around it, we'll end up short changing the shooters by at least 1.5 hours of service. And given as everybody wants to try out their new Christmas (or Channukah) presents, it should be a killer day at the range. But a killer parade day is potentially killing a lot more kill for your kill power.

You had no idea hot dog sales were such a militant activity, did you? It's true, we're all in this plot to take over the world, one hot dog at a time. Hey, don't laugh. When the world implodes, we're gonna be the only ones with hot dogs. But as usual, I better get back to the point.

From our first parade, we saw the business come before the actual parade. One the music starts, people watch. Once the music stops, they go home. Parade starts at 11:00 AM, so we break as soon as the music starts.

It's a connundrum. We love serving our regular weekend thing but it's a slow and steady, not a big producer. You start to want a bigger kill. Double booking. One cart, two jobs.

Me, I'm a team player. I figure the secret is to tag someone in the same situation, just a but ahead of you. Give them kickbacks for the ones they can't handle. Chicago told me no, I'm an idiot, say hi and bless competitors on, they ain't your friend.

Chicago is right as usual, about me being an idiot, but I did tag another team and so far I got a couple of gigs out of them. It ought to work as long as I do a good job, pay them and don't try to steal their customers. Hey, the experience alone so far is good. They have a higher paying crowd, so the kickback doesn't hurt me.

So once again the little Oz goes up against the mighty Chicago. I'm just trying to make a point about getting started and bringing in some jingle.

Oh yeah, all you people looking to expand the steam tray menu, I think I got it. Corn on the cob. Should take about 10 minutes at full steam, roll it in butter, throw it in a boat, let them salt it. We're gonna try it soon.

Oh yeah, we tried the gyro thing. Worked OK. The restaurant supplier was kind enough to send us out with his trays in a cambro, so everything stayed at temp the whole way through. For a one-day affair, gyro is your alternative menu with your Victor cart. Or Phonenix model. The falafel thing was a non-starter.

Putting out flyers to the auto dealerships was a non-starter.

Dealing with the towns and their events is a major pain. Next step is to target a single town (besides our Maricopa/Phonenix licensure) and see if we can play teacher's favorite.

I like this Texas ribs guy's idea, find a sort of isolated franchise and make a deal to set up within view. But this man actually has a product, like this man is a Chef. He makes good eats. We open up packages and dump their contents into steam trays. And dig, that guy has to cook. We're talking about a weekly cycle of production. I just do this on weekends and when I can hide from my other clients. There are certain lifestyle choices here.

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