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2012/04/20 04:46:24 (permalink)


the meat has no bark, no smoke ring and no smoke taste/smell can it still be called BBQ?
I think NOT! I had some friends rave about the "bbq" at a newish place a ways down the road from me. It had none of the above, I was truly dissapointed.
Nor did I care for their Itialian sub.
I do like their Reuben though.
This won't be a regular stop for me.

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    Re:If 2012/04/20 10:16:16 (permalink)
    If the meat is cooked with smoke then it's Q. Just because they did a lousy job doesn't make it not so.
    It, however, sounds like it was not cooked with smoke.
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    Re:If 2012/04/20 16:40:05 (permalink)
    Based on the origin of the word, Heat produced by a wood fire which naturally produces smoke is reguired to cook meat placed on a rack above the fire. Therefore no smoke, no BBQ!
    From Frances Beith: What is the origin of the word barbecue?
    A We have to go back to the West Indian island of Hispaniola in the seventeenth century to begin the search for this word. The local Arawakan Indians had a method of erecting a frame of wooden sticks over a fire in order to dry meat. In their language, Taino, they called it a barbacòa, which Spanish explorers borrowed.
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    Re:If 2012/04/21 05:38:18 (permalink)
    The fact that they offer such a variety of sandwiches should have been your first clue they are not a true barbecue joint.
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    Re:If 2012/04/22 04:07:09 (permalink)
    Doug, they don't bill themself as a bbq joint. Too many friends here rave of their Q. I guess I'm gonna have to smoke some butts and ribs for them to try.
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    Re:If 2012/04/22 10:46:22 (permalink)

    Doug, they don't bill themself as a bbq joint. Too many friends here rave of their Q. I guess I'm gonna have to smoke some butts and ribs for them to try.


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    Re:If 2012/04/22 14:35:20 (permalink)
    Reminds me of a place in Hackensack, NJ called "Cubby's Barbecue". It's slow cooked, but it's grilled, not barbecue (mind you, it's fine for flame grilled food, like burgers). A VERY popular place, while real barbecue places seem go out of business around these parts. If you go to their website (note that I did not provide a link), I must warn you that it plays loud music and the "off" button is about 4/5ths down the page.
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    Re:If 2012/04/22 18:59:52 (permalink)
    The great BBQ argument. Is a Weber Grill BBQ? What if I move the coals to the side? Is BBQ only low and slow with indirect heat? What about a Green Egg? Or does it have to be with wood only? How about an electric smoker or propane. To me if it isn't done with real wood its not BBQ. Please don't call BBQ'd Brisket BBQ'd if it doesn't have a bark and a ring. Nothing cooked in an oven or crock pot should ever be pawned off as BBQ. There is a special place in hell for those people.
    mayor al
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    Re:If 2012/04/26 14:01:30 (permalink)
    While I agree in principle with Tampico's comment, I have a broader acceptance of the cooking heat sources and techniques...so long as the result has the necessary "Bark" and acceptable smoke flavor.   I think the ultimate resting place might be a bit higher on the 'Flame Scale'. Perhaps they would be condemned to serve Whoppers to folks attending Hell's Own Presentation of the "Phantom of the Opera" over and over and over again....
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    Re:If 2012/04/26 15:17:10 (permalink)
    Reminds me of a paragraph I read in Smokestack Lightning where the guys came across some dudes cooking bbq over burning tires. Now these people need their own place in hell.
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    Re:If 2012/04/28 12:10:38 (permalink)
    Long, slow cooked meat infused with wood smoke, from actual wood logs, pellets, chunks or sawdust.
    Anything cooked on a grill in any fashion charcoal or gas flames.  I've been to many a BBQ that served hot dogs, burgers and chicken.  (I've seen this sort of BBQ at church functions and civic association affairs for 50 years+)
    Anything cooked anywhere with BBQ sauce on it.  (one of the biggest categories)
    Really, the horse left the barn a LOOOOONNNNNGGG time ago on this one.  I just read the other day a recommendation on line for the "BBQ ribs at Tony Roma's."
    The other month I thought I had discovered a gem in the ghetto.  I had the ribs, and they were pretty bad, with no smoke.  I did some sneaking around, and discovered that they were cooked near/over charcoal of the common supermarket kind.  Evidently there are folks who don't care or want smoke in that they call BBQ.
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    Re:If 2012/04/28 16:57:52 (permalink)
    I believe it has to be low and slow preferably in a smoker or indirect in a kettle. It can be finished in an oven, but a crock pot produces gelatinous stewed pork.
    It must have bark!
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