In Honor of a Great Man...

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2004/01/19 21:27:25 (permalink)

In Honor of a Great Man...

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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/19 21:48:25 (permalink)
    Thank you, Bushie. We need to be reminded of the obvious, which we all-to-often forget.
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/19 22:38:46 (permalink)
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 00:08:37 (permalink)
    Wow -- You know I don't think I had ever read that speech all the way through. Growing up in the age of news clips and sound bites, all I ever got was the highlights. I guess I forgot what powerful stuff the Man had to say. "Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred." Powerfull stuff.

    Thanks, Bushie.

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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 02:02:28 (permalink)
    God bless Dr. King....Sitting in the darkness and reading that on my monitor really makes one reflect. Thanks Bushie for directing my attention to this...It is good for the soul.
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 03:18:50 (permalink)
    It was good of you to share this, Bushie. You're a good boy.

    William James wrote that he had never seen a great man, but he had often seen greatness in men. He couldn't have said that had he lived long enough to witness the life of Martin Luther King.

    Dr. King struggled to lift up all peoples and his example continues to do so. He was a father to all of us.
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 14:40:15 (permalink)
    So what do you suppose he liked to eat?

    No disrespect intended, by the way.
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 18:08:58 (permalink)
    One of the most inspiring speeches, passages, soliloquies or what have you, ever written....When people ask me what event still remains vivid in my childhood memories of world events, his death is the one utmost in my mind. I can still see the newsreel of the rooftop of the motel and the explaination of Ray's vantage point.
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    RE: In Honor of a Great Man... 2004/01/20 18:27:46 (permalink)
    I lived in Chattanooga, TN at the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I was at a theatre watching a movie when the movie was stopped and the announcement was made indicating the death of King. A intermission was declared and patrons literally had to go outside and shake it off.

    The next day there were riots in Chattanooga as the black community was very angry and all business's including mine had to shut down. I complied and took the opportunity to walk the streets of Chattanooga. Some viewed it as dangerous, but I knew most of the black community and I felt absolutely no threat.

    The following day the Mayor met with the black community and pleaded for some type of resolution. It resolved itself.

    The world we live in requires working in a melting pot. There is no such thing as a race that is superior. A very simple man "Rodney King" who has since been arrested several times ask a very complex question: "why can't we just all get along"

    We ain't there yet, but we are a hell of a lot farther along than we were in the 60's,

    If the USA is to be successful in the long run, it will be in the cooperation of all.

    Bushie, Thanks for the post.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
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