Is Fudge Cake Bad or Good for you?

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Is Fudge Cake Bad or Good for you?

Fudge Cake has always been the top comfort food. It has brought many unhappy days to a delightful end. It has helped many relationships. The chocolaty goodness however has now come under recent attacks due to the health issue.

Well isn't there a more sophisticated sense of the word health than just the body. Maybe carrots and lettuce does help your body, but what about the souls health Fudge cake has an answer for that. Is a person not entitled to their happiness when eating a sweet desert like fudge cake. The determination must then come to which is more important the soul or the body health.

Both must be looked after but an equal placing must be given. those who go on power low carb, low fat diets are of the more miserable sort. They hide behind a face of health yet they are praised for staying active and having enough energy to withstand an ox. However, what about there souls. Did they not sacrifice their happiness. That is where fudge cake comes in. Fudge Cake helps the souls health. It provides a comfort zone for people, it brings people back to the age of innocence, when eating fudge cake was so great. Fudge Cake has become such an intergral part in our society. that it Fudge Cake has Culture

I say that we cannot over do fudge cake, but we shouldn't frown at Fudge Cake it just because it does not help the body. We must be open minded and let fudge cake into our souls.

There are many Types of Fudge Cakes. These different types inspire many to go out and meet new people and interact and learn about new types of fudge cakes. They may even talk about the History of Fudge Cakes.

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