Italian ice and pops

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2006/03/25 18:51:24 (permalink)

Italian ice and pops

Hello. anyone know of websites that deliver either italian ice or pops? thanks much.

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    RE: Italian ice and pops 2006/03/26 02:24:24 (permalink)
    Fresco Famous Italian ices says, on their web site ( ), that they "deliver locally and ship nationally". I can't verify it, but you could email them at or call them at (631) 588-4237 .
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    RE: Italian ice and pops 2006/05/03 18:46:33 (permalink)
    is there any difference between italian ice and what we referred to as "yum yum" in south jersey in the fifties?
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    RE: Italian ice and pops 2006/05/03 20:21:07 (permalink)
    Originally posted by gerette

    Hello. anyone know of websites that deliver either italian ice or pops? thanks much.

    Ever try Wylers "Italian Ice" pops? They are those squeeze pop things that come in a plastic tube. They are not as good as some of the other italian ices in a cup, but would be a lot easier (and cheaper) to ship. My kids like them and the lemon ones are actually pretty good. Check this out...

    Shipping on frozen stuff is nuts! I was set to order from the Penn State Creamery as a treat for an alumnus...but the shipping for 2 1/2 gallons was $70!!! Yikes!

    For that much you could almost fly to LaGuardia in NY and take a cab over to the Lemon Ice King of Corona!!

    Good luck in your quest!
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    RE: Italian ice and pops 2006/05/04 21:24:12 (permalink)
    I own a concession business and have an Italian Ice trailer, and have found that you are never going to turn a profit if you have to have things shipped. Cold shipping is very expensive. Most places have a minimum order for shipping. That means you need to purchase 60-80 2.5 or 3 gallon drums of the stuff in order for them to even consider shipping to you. Unless you have a few chest freezers, you won't be able to keep the stuff without renting a cold storage space, which again is another expense. My advice is to find out the ice cream suppliers in your area, call them, and ask if they know of any place that sells wholesale Italian Ice. You're going to do hands down better if you sell the fresh scooped ice rather than the frozen cups. When people are out at an event, they want something they can't buy in a grocery store. That's why soft serve ice cream will always outsell ice cream novelties, and usually also outsells hard scooped ice cream as well. The same thing holds true for the Italian Ice. There is also greater profit margin with scooped Italian Ice versus the frozen cups of ice. I buy the Italian Ice in 2.5 gallon drums for $20/drum. I get about $100 out of each drum once scooped and served. I serve it in pleated water squeeze cups; that way you save the cost of spoons. So do your homework, do an internet search, talk to some ice cream suppliers.... find yourself a supplier where you could pick up the drums of ice, and you will be in for quite a profit ride. Good luck!
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