Jet's Pizza

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2013/05/04 21:08:58 (permalink)

Jet's Pizza

We were recently in the Detroit suburbs for a family event and my cousin ordered this pizza while we were there. We thought it was terrific for a chain pizza, but apparently it has not yet made it to our neck of the woods - SE PA. We have a lot of great non- chain choices here in the Philly area. But we were pretty impressed all the same.

Anyone else tried them and what do you think?

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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/05/04 23:19:04 (permalink)
    We've had them for a while, and I guess they're OK. Better than Domino's or Pizza Hut, surely, but still not as good as the local independents. I'd rank them about the same as Papa John's.
    ann peeples
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/05/05 11:52:12 (permalink)
    Bob likes the 4 corner pizza-I like the wings-pretty expensive, however.
    Michael Hoffman
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/05/05 16:21:39 (permalink)
    There's a Jet's within two miles of us, but we've never tried anything there.
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/05/09 11:21:23 (permalink)
    Does Riff do the cooking?  Can Bernardo or Chino eat there?
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/09/30 04:41:58 (permalink)
    Jets Pizza  has many  locations here. As you  say, for a large chain it is probably the  tastiest  pizza  for the  money .They do use  quality ingredients,and consistently turn out  great tasting pizza.Green Lantern may be the  standard  for  round ,and  Loui's, Cloverleaf and Buddy's  may rule the square,but  Jets  is loved by many...Pizza, as in all food. is a matter of individual taste.
    carolina bob
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/09/30 17:35:18 (permalink)
    There's a Jet's Pizza about three or four miles from my place. Haven't tried it yet but probably will eventually, out of curiosity if for no other reason.
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2013/11/18 03:01:49 (permalink)
    There is one close to here. Tried it once when it first opened and I wasn't terribly impressed. I may have to try it again one of these days. There are a lot of good independent places around here so other than Pizza Hut which ours is pretty good I don't bother with chain pizza.
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    Re:Jet's Pizza 2014/01/27 15:35:09 (permalink)
    I really like Jet's Pizza for the 8 Corner (Detroit) style.  They are the best chain pizza I have had.  Love the crunchy, oily crust and the carmelized cheese around the edges.  
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