Jones Pure Cane Cola

Russ Jackson
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2008/09/02 17:50:36 (permalink)

Jones Pure Cane Cola

I had guests over for the weekend and two of them like Jack and Coke. I know some will slam the mixing of Bourbon and anything. However if one were to drink straight Bourbon at a BBQ all day it might not have a very good result. So I purchased a case of Jones Pure Cane Cola and made there first one out of it. Both said it was better than the Coke version. I had a couple myself and agree. You can really tell the difference between High Fructose Corn Syrup and the real thing. Have any of you tried the Jones Cola and did you like it?...Russ

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    ann peeples
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    RE: Jones Pure Cane Cola 2008/09/02 19:51:41 (permalink)
    Russ, we buy it all the time BECAUSE of the cane sugar instead of corn syrup.Keep it up!
    mayor al
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    RE: Jones Pure Cane Cola 2008/09/02 20:54:44 (permalink)
    Some of the Jones flavors are a bit 'weak' We gave away a 12 pk of Blueberry/Kiwi that to me was very thin in floavor and body was sugar not corn Sweetener, but that wasn't the reason for the lack of taste, I believe.
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    RE: Jones Pure Cane Cola 2008/09/03 05:39:37 (permalink)
    I do like their Blue Bubblegum flavour and their Strawberry Lime! Some of their other flavours aren't too special in my opinion. The Cream Soda is nice but waaaay too sweet!

    One thing I have noticed about all their drinks though is theres no horrible aftertaste in your mouth that corn syrup drinks give!
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    RE: Jones Pure Cane Cola 2008/09/03 07:49:16 (permalink)
    As an Ex-Seattlite, Jone Soda Co. makes a hands down a superior beverage. (They're a Seattle company)

    They used to be very regional only, but the product sells itself and they do fun and adventursome flavors. They've been very slowly expanding to make sure they don't overextend themselves and the product degrades.
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    RE: Jones Pure Cane Cola 2008/09/06 12:18:20 (permalink)
    I find the cane sugar sodas, like Blue Sky and Jones, to be weak on carbonation. The flavor is good, but the soda lacks the necessary fizz factor.
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