Juicy, greasy burgers

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
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RE: Juicy, greasy burgers 2006/09/04 15:11:04 (permalink)
Hey wjakubin,

Have you ever eaten at Wag's? (Grant and Alvernon) I had a Maid-rite there once but I heard their regular burgers are PDG.

I am currently looking for the best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich in the Southwest and Wag's name came up again. Just looking for another opinion.
Big Sausage
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RE: Juicy, greasy burgers 2006/09/04 15:52:00 (permalink)
Nope, I live far Northwest and don't get to that part of town very often. I have heard of them and will stop by if ever in the area. Thanks for the heads up !
Double Chili Cheeseburger
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RE: Juicy, greasy burgers 2006/09/04 19:03:29 (permalink)
I hate to go against the grain, but I do not believe greasy equals taste. Against all traditional advice, I go for the leanest high quality beef I can get. I just cook it differently. I start with half pound beef patties cooked quickly under very high heat to sear and give a good crust to the outside. The interior is pink with a very red but warm center. For buns I use large hard rolls.

This method is not for everyone. I have a brother-in-law that likes crusty on the outside, crusty on the inside, that still swears I was trying to murder him with one of my special burgers. I don't think I helped matters much when I replied I made it especially for you, crusty on the outside but very soft and raw on the inside.

Of course, I do know my method is discouraged by every governmental agency in existence, but I still do persist in it. I have been doing my burgers this way for 40 years and nobody has ever had any illness from them.

Codicil: My brother-in-law and I have not spoken since "the incident" I have gathered since then that he thought I was trying to infect him with "Mad Cow." Little does he know that no heat in existence can kill "Mad Cow" Perhaps I will make a peace offering with buffalo burgers done the same way. Great super-lean meat that does not get "Mad Cow."
ann peeples
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RE: Juicy, greasy burgers 2006/09/04 19:21:17 (permalink)
I have to say that I think buffalo meat is wonderful-although I have only had it in ground form served as tacos, sloppy joes, etc.I am not sure how good of burgers they would make if one is looking for juicy.....
Wandering Chew
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RE: Juicy, greasy burgers 2006/09/04 19:21:43 (permalink)
gotta buy fresh- same day you eat it. hand form patties- not too thick, cause the key is the crunchy crust to meat ratio, salt and pepper,maybe lawreys or we use montreal staek seasoning- just a shake- cook it on indoor griddle- LEAVE IT ALONE- REALLY I MEAN IT- -TIL IT separates from surface- flip 1 time -avoid temptation to mess with it, if wifes not looking (butter 1st) then grill buns on same giddle- theres good grease for you. Onions on griddle 1st are delish too. I picked up a trick from local place (the Keg- on South Dixie in Miami)put mayo on bottom of bun with sliceof onion and put burger directly from grill to bun- it kinda cooks onion and adds lots of flavor. Lets eat!!
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