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2006/06/22 16:29:48 (permalink)

KFC in Vietnam

On the AOL News line this afternoon (and on Louisville TV News at Noon)

KFC announced the opening of it's first 'restaurant' in Hanoi today. It is the first of four units set to open soon in the Capital city. In 1997 KFC opened it's first foodstand in Vietnam in Saigon (HoChiMinh City) and now operates 19 restaurants in the former capital of South Vietnam.

Louisville based YUM Corp- The parent corporation of the former Pepsico food branch is really pushing it's international division , especially in the Far East.

Since I see the benefits of the corporate success in places like the Kentucky Center for the Arts and other Charities based in this area, I have no gripe about the expansion of that business. In fact as a former "visitor" to that part of the world (1961-62) I think it is kind of poetic justice that we will now share our good food with those folks.

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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/22 16:51:21 (permalink)
    Al, great post and great thread. You have had to be there to really share what you did. As much as I enjoy fried chicken, I sincerely hope those folks enjoy the same artery expansion as we have.

    Al, thanks for being in Viet Nam. You are one of my hero's

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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/22 17:20:24 (permalink)
    I'll bet the sides will be kim chee and rice instead of cole slaw and 'taters!!
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/22 17:32:20 (permalink)
    Kentucky Fried Frogs legs?
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/22 20:08:30 (permalink)
    And 20 years from now they'll be talking about how good the chicken used to taste...
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/23 10:05:07 (permalink)
    Funny thing is UncleVic you probably are right.
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/23 12:30:52 (permalink)
    Don't they still eat dogmeat in parts of Vietnam? Do you think the Colonel will expand the menu to encompass local preferences such as that?
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/25 11:02:34 (permalink)
    My husband and I had KFC in Seoul, Korea several years ago. We were traveling for business and for a week we had been wined and dined Korean style. Wining and dining Korean style is very "good eats", but after a week, we were craving something different. The KFC was located in a busy shopping area near the largest US Army base in Seoul. Boy, did that chicken taste good. And exactly like KFC in the US.
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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/25 21:21:21 (permalink)
    Originally posted by roadrash

    Don't they still eat dogmeat in parts of Vietnam? Do you think the Colonel will expand the menu to encompass local preferences such as that?

    Just read this news release from January 2004---
    KFC Vietnam makes temporary switch

    HCM CITY — KFC Vietnam has closed all its nine HCM City outlets but will reopen with a fish menu later this week. Deputy director of KFC Vietnam, Nguyen Chi Kien, said the spreading bird flu has had a big impact on the chain.

    He said the company uses 30,000 chickens every month and will import birds from North America to replace local supplies.
    And then...

    KFC's website says that out of 12,500 outlets globally it has more than 3,000 restaurants in Asia, around one third of those being in Japan. There are more than 900 outlets in China and Hong Kong, while Thailand and Malaysia account for just over 300 each.

    Kien said KFC, a subsidiary of New York-listed Yum Brands Inc, would reopen its Vietnamese restaurants at the end of this week, offering fish burgers.


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    RE: KFC in Vietnam 2006/06/25 22:34:08 (permalink)
    I'm in Shanghai China (for the next couple of years), so I feel I must chime in. While not Vietnam, the KFC's here in China are VERY popular, always packed and you can forget about finding a seat during the lunch and dinner times. KFC has had great success here in China and other places in Asia (Singapore, Phillapines) so I guess opening in Vietnam should continue the trend. Just if you're wondering, I went once out of curiousity, the food they offer is similar to the US (of course the classic fried chicken), but there are things on the menu that are unique to here. I think the food tastes better then the States version, but then again, I wasn't a fan while in the States.
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