Kansas City Barbecue Society

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2008/06/26 10:15:08 (permalink)

Kansas City Barbecue Society

My friend recently joined, and I've just spent the last hour perusing this site: http://www.kcbs.us/index.php

This society and Roadfood would seem to make natural allies!

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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/06/26 17:07:30 (permalink)

    I am a proud member as well as a certified KCBS BBQ judge. I have met some great people through the Society and the local BBQ associations here in Arizona and California. In fact, I am heading over to California this weekend to judge a contest.

    Earl of Sandwich
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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/07/17 16:04:34 (permalink)
    Nice link and looks like an interesting site. I'm leaving for KCMO in a few minutes and hope to have a few good BBQ's while I'm there.

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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/08/20 23:33:58 (permalink)
    The KCBS is a great organization that is well worth joining IF you are going to avail yourself of what they offer. If you would like to be a certified BBQ judge, a serious competitor or event organizer they are a fantastic resource.

    seafarer john
    Filet Mignon
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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/08/21 10:41:02 (permalink)
    I went to the 4th annual New Paltz Rib Fest on Sunday. The event is sanctioned and judged by both the Kansas city BBQ people and the New England BBQ society and is sponsored by the Highland, NY Rotary club- they all seem to work well together and run a very good show. There were 54 contesting BBQ crews this year (one came all the way from Texas) - that's up from about 20 the first year.

    I'm sorry to say the consessionaires, as usual, for the most part, put out pretty mediocre stuff. Jack McDaniels has been reliable in the past, but this year he was not personally on site (at least while I was there) and the quality of his ribs showed it. I did have a pretty good pulled pork sandwich from Moe's BBQ, but the only sauce they offered was a too hot sauce that tasted too much of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

    I tasted several ribs from contestants and they were universally not so hot - one was burned and sweet, although I'm sure the judges were able to find some outstanding BBQ and properly reward those folks. An unusual aspect of the Rib Fest is a requirement to cook some sort of apple dish on the grill - I saw some amazing dishes being prepared - things I'd never dream could be cooked on a grill - one lady had individual ramekins of apple cobbler that looked like they could pass muster in a four-star restaurant.

    It's always fun to attend the Rib Fest - the contestants are all friendly and many of them will take the time to talk BBQ with anyone who is interested. I'd like an opportunity to talk to some of the judges some day, but they are always sequestered at the times I'm in attendance.

    BTW: As I scanned over the crowd I saw a whole lot of people who looked to me like fellow Roadfooders - it occured to me that it would be nice if we could have some sort of modest tasteful pin we could wear identifying us as Roadfooders when we attend events like this...

    Cheers, John
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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/08/22 00:24:24 (permalink)
    Like John, I was also at the New Paltz event. As I'm sure everyone realizes, if the teams are giving out ribs, they are ribs that were considered not making the grade to go to the judges.

    They do a great job at this event every year.

    Butch Lupinetti was vending and he's a great guy and a true character. He's been on Throw Down with Bobby Flay twice.

    If there are any Road Food people who would like to meet up at the NY Food Festival and BBQ Competition on Long Island in October, let me know.

    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Kansas City Barbecue Society 2008/08/22 10:11:19 (permalink)
    I was a judge last year in Sayville. Eric and his crew put together a great event but I won't be able to judge there this year. I will be down in New Holland PA for this weekends KCBS event.
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