Kent Island, Maryland

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2010/05/14 21:54:03 (permalink)

Kent Island, Maryland

An escape was in order  so it was off to Kent Island  on the  Eastern shore of Maryland.  Had a fairly early start so  had breakfast at  Holly's...............................a real Roadfood worthy stop. Holly's Restaurant & Motel - Breakfast   I had the chipped beef on toast  and it was really good.  The waitress  had worked there  20 years and loved her job so that  has something to say about the  owners and management.
Shopping at the Quennstown Outlet Mall was the next thing on list  of  things to do.  After spending  lots of money,  it was off to  Hilton Gardens Inn and Suites   and  time for a  swim.  After swimming,  a relaxing  half hour  in  the  hot tub  and off to room  to just  sit and read  and look at the beautiful view.
A sudden rain storm with thunder and lightening  made it necessary to drive to Annie's restaurant  rather than to take  the  walk .  Annie's Paramount Steak and Seafood House - Our Menu Annie's is one of  at least  four seafood restaurants  right in a very small area.  After tonight,  I would have only one more to try.  For dinner, I selected  3 appetizers.  I chose the oyster stew to begin, followed by   oysters on the half shell, and to  finish I chose the  lump crabmeat cocktail.
They oyster stew was the very best that I had ever had.  It was  really wonderful.  The  oysters  were  ice cold and delicious.  Alas, the  crabmeat cocktail  left a lot to be desired.  The  crab  was  not  cold enough and had little flavor........................very disappointing. The wine was good and  the service was it was a fun place to go.
The hotel serves  a sort of  buffet style breakfast, which I do not enjoy.  So  I  went  back to Holly's  and  had  eggs, scrapple, and home fries.  Same waitress as yesterday and by now  we were old friends!
It was a great  quick escape.


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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/15 00:42:49 (permalink)
    Yum! And congratulations on ecaping a buffet.
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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/15 09:52:37 (permalink)
    Did you try the biscuits at Holly's?
    seafarer john
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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/15 10:15:06 (permalink)
    We stop at Annies once a year as we always stay at the Best Western nearby - the soups are always excellent. And they move a whole lot of beer at their always bust bar, so the beer is always fresh. Harris's right next door is also good -especially if you are up to cracking your own crabs.

    The Narrows, the upscale place on the bay is very good - if a little pricey - excellent crabcakes and Martinis. The joint across the street, The Angler, had one of the best crab cakes I've ever eaten and at half the price of the Narrows, but, sadly, it burned to the ground a few years ago. 

    The Fisherman's Inn  is OK - their soups and chowders are excellent. As a bit of entertainment a model train runs through the two main dining rooms, and their collection of oyster plates is probably the largest in the world. 

    In recent years we have taken the "continental breakfast" at the motel so have not been to Holly's recently - but we do remember good hearty breakfasts there in the past. 

    There's a chicken place near Holly's that we've always been curious about, but we never have gone because it seems a waste to be on the Chesapeake Bay and not eat oysters and crabs...

    Cheers, John 

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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/15 11:03:20 (permalink)
    rumaki    Each day that I had breakfast there , the biscuits were sold out by the time I came in to eat.  That tells me that they have to be excellent.

    Seafarer John   I have eaten  at all of the restaurants there, except for The Fisherman's Inn.  If I had to pick a favorite, Harris would be tops on my list, with Annie's a close second.  I really did not care for The Narrows that much as I think that they  try too hard to be  "big city".  My son,  grandson and I had lunch there on a Saturday afternoon , last month, with  the  hostess  dressed to the "nines" in black heels and dress.  I guess seafood tastes better to me  in a more laid back seafood restaurant.

    For the pasrt  two years I have enjoyed  "All you can eat oysters" at  Harris's  , served in  5 oar 6 different ways.  That is one time when I overeat as the waitress brings platter after platter of what you order and  all preparations were  excellent!  I believe that they do this on Wednesday nights only  during  the late fall.
    Michael   I endured a buffet on Mother's Day for the sake of my grandchildren.  The place was lovely  (Mt. Vernon Inn)  but  that takes care of buffets for me for another year, at least.
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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/16 18:17:02 (permalink)

    I have to stay in Kent Island quite a few times over the summer to do research, it was actually my first time out there last summer. Thanks for the Holly's recommendation, I wasn't able to find a place I really liked out there at the time. I found a nice sandwich stand out in the countryside where I was working, when I get back up there in a few weeks I will have to find the name and post it on here. I also was not impressed with the Narrows, I have been to the Fisherman Inn and it was Ok.
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    Re:Kent Island, Maryland 2010/05/17 20:59:13 (permalink)
    DirtDude  Be sure to  try  Holly' is a Roadfood lover's  delight.  Nearly  across the road is the  evil  Cracker  Barrel.  Their parking lot is filled  every time   I have gone by  so  I have to assume  that  the unnadventuresome  tourists  are  eating there......................too bad.

    For an evening meal  Go  to Harris's  ........................rustic atmosphere  and good seafood  and  lots of locals.

    Oh yes, someone  told me that  Holly's fried chicken is terrific.
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