Kogi Truck Lost Angeles

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2010/08/14 13:20:28 (permalink)

Kogi Truck Lost Angeles

Ok so I finally got a chance to check the kogi truck out after seeing the truck and its sister truck was in the north hollywood area tonight via my road stoves app on iphone. so I head over there to try it out for the first time, and it will most likely be the last...

I order 2 tacos ($4.60ish) to try them out and I liked the flavor of it right off the bat. so standing there I see people getting their burritos so I wanted to try that. so I order 4 more tacos and 2 burritos, total $20 and change. so I hand the guy the money, he hands me the change and I am still standing at the window looking in, and I see one of the workers who I think is finishing the food prep, he takes his index finger, sticks it into the white tub and then sticks it in his mouth! then he uses the same finger and rubs/wipes the edge of the tub off and licks his finger off. this entire time his back is to me. the guy who hands me the change is still standing at the window. so RIGHT after that, I asked the cashier guy "what is in that tub thing" and he points to it and says "that is the sauce we use for the quesadilla" and I started laughing. the guy that put his finger in the sauce turns around, then I say "ok here is my change I don't want my food, this dude just stuck his finger in the sauce and put it in his mouth 2 times, no thanks, here is your change give me my money back" at first the cashier didn't understand, so I had to repeat myself. in front of all these "die hard" fans I guess, they all stood there like "wow he did that?" so the cashier said something to the guy in Spanish, probably to the tune of "what are you a IDIOT?" and he hands me back my money and I go on my way.

the 2 tacos I did have tasted good, the sauce reminded me of something I am trying to remember....but I didn't get chance to try the rest of the food because of that completely, disgusting decision the food prep guy decided to do RIGHT INFRONT OF US ALL.

1 star and that's only cuz Yelp doesn't have lower than 1 star

Once a roach truck always will be nothing more than a roach truck.

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    Re:Kogi Truck Lost Angeles 2010/08/14 16:34:51 (permalink)
    It's a good thing you can't see in to the kitchens of all of the other places you eat.

    You do know that this isn't an isolated occurance?

    It probably happens everywhere.  You just happened to see it.

    At Baja Fresh in Sherman Oaks the chef at the grill uses his ungloved hands to lift some of the food.   I still eat there.

    If you can watch the food prep you'll also watch food safety infractions.

    Have you been to Kogi's new Brick and Mortar location?  They did so well with their trucks that they opened a sit down place on National Bl in West Los Angeles.

    I've yet to be in the right place to try a Kogi Truck.  I can't wait.

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    Re:Kogi Truck Lost Angeles 2010/09/06 20:06:38 (permalink)

    Have you been to Kogi's new Brick and Mortar location?  They did so well with their trucks that they opened a sit down place on National Bl in West Los Angeles.

    I've yet to be in the right place to try a Kogi Truck.  I can't wait.

    I haven't tried it either.....the truck always seems to be in a different location than I'm near and I find the concept of waiting in line for an hour hard to swallow. Especially since many reports of people waiting for an hour, only to find them sold out at the window. The menu does look great though. I did check out the menu for Chego, their brick and mortar place, and it looks nothing like the truck menu. It's pretty close to you, so I hope you'll get a chance to let us know how it is. I did have my first ever Korean taco at Bon Epi, a sandwich shop in the Diamond Jamboree in Irvine. They were  pretty yummy. Interestingly, I had gone to the 2nd Annual Korean BBQ Cookoff in Koreatown a few weeks ago and didn't see anything at all like what Kogi has. I did have some great BBQ plates for $5.00 there though!
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    Re:Kogi Truck Lost Angeles 2010/09/07 16:55:08 (permalink)
    If I ever saw anyone at my place do anything like that, they would hit the exit, face first. They are aware of that fact.
    sk bob
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    Re:Kogi Truck Lost Angeles 2010/09/13 21:26:28 (permalink)
    standing in line at a roach coach for an hour?
    those people are nuts.
    nothings that good, plus paying for it too?
    I can't comprehend that.
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