L & B Spumoni Gardens

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2004/10/27 13:59:37 (permalink)

L & B Spumoni Gardens

Seen a few of the topics on best pizza, but Im amazed that no one has mentioned "Spumoni Gardens" on 86th St. and West 10th, Brooklyn. Its almost a rite of package to go there on a hot summer day, grab 4 or 5 of the sicillian slices with a pepsi, sit outside and scarf them down. Ive easily seen 2 people throw down a whole 16 slice square pie in 15 minutes. The sicilian is the specialty with a thick, soft, light crust with the cheese actually under the sauce not on top. The round slices are just OK. I have never heard anyone say that they dont like L&B's so its amazing that I have never seen a post on it.

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    RE: L & B Spumoni Gardens 2004/10/27 14:27:08 (permalink)
    I was just tninking the same thing......

    During the summer on a weekend in Manahttan, I took a side trip back to Bklyn on my way home to Wash DC.......

    Hadn't been back to Spumoni Gardens for nearly 30 years.....and was amazed at the quality (when I was a kid, it seemed like no big deal)

    After lunch, I bougt a half slab to take home to share with my wife and kids....(a four and half hour trip)....

    We reheated the pie........it was not as good as our lunch, earlier that afternoon.....

    Anyway, absolutely one of the best....
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    RE: L & B Spumoni Gardens 2004/10/27 19:39:46 (permalink)
    I grew up in Brooklyn, and get back there from NJ occasionally. If I had to pick the most prototypically Brooklyn place in the whole world, it would be L & B Spumoni Gardens. I never thought the pizza was all that great, although the square is better than the round. But the atmosphere on a summer night! Guys from Saturday night fever, hot rods, girls who look like they just got out of reform school, disco (yes disco) music pounding, oversized families with screaming kids, Brooklyn accents galore. What a place. --Ken
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