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2010/09/06 18:31:40 (permalink)

Last read message

 This is really a great forum for a newby.My question is does Roadfood have a last read message feature?On the large threads I forget where I left off,just thought I'd ask...
Keeping it Simple

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    Re:Last read message 2010/09/06 20:22:12 (permalink)
    click the box next to the arrow on the post you want to read
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    Re:Last read message 2010/09/06 21:22:41 (permalink)

    click the box next to the arrow on the post you want to read

    Doing that will take you to the last message posted on that particular thread, not the last one you have read.  I don't know any way to "bookmark" your last read message, other than to write down on a piece of paper (or on a saved page in MS Word, etc.) the thread title and the message number (shown just below the lower right hand corner of the message with the little up-pointing arrow next to it).
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    Re:Last read message 2010/09/06 22:35:42 (permalink)
    No, 6star, I believe KurtSara is correct.  If you click the box to the right of the arrow the browser should position itself at the first new message since the last time you viewed the thread.  With two exceptions that I've noticed.  One, photos sometimes seem to throw the position off.  And two, if you click that box from the front page Latest Roadfood Forum Conversations then, yes, you will land on the last post of the thread.
    Actually, there's also a third exception: if you were not logged in when you last viewed the thread, or when you view it the next time, this won't work.
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    Re:Last read message 2010/09/07 20:47:25 (permalink)
    If you look at a list of topics, if there are unread messages in atopic the topic title will be bold and there will be a tiny arrow pointing to a colored in page icon. Click on that colored in page icon and you will go to the first new message that you have not read. After you read the topic and if there are no new messages the tiny page icon will disappear and the topic title will be in normal text.

    In the far right column is the name of the last poster to the topic. If you click on the tiny page icon there it will take you to the last posted message even if there are other unread messages. The only benefit I see is if there is a multi-page thread and you want to reread some of the last messages it will short cut you there.
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