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RE: Latest from McD"S 2005/03/12 05:22:26 (permalink)
Originally posted by Peachpie9

Originally posted by tiki

Just found this in an AP news article:
"In London to promote a deal between his Newman's Own range of salad dressings and fast-food giant McDonald's, Newman sat Friday in a McDonald's branch on London's busy Oxford Street, surrounded by fast-food executives and a British television crew."

To quote Arnie Johnson----" wery interesting!?"


Wery WERY, considering that, from what I have read about Mr. Newman and his diet, he would not be caught DEAD eating McDonald's food.

The OTHER issue is, ALL of the proceeds from Newman's Own products are supposed to be going to charity. Maybe he sees it as somehow worth the huge ethics compromise--all in the name of those less fortunate? I really can't see him linking his healthy, delicious foods with McDonalds for any other reason.

I like his light balsamic vinaigrette better than any other version I've ever had, full fat or not. Yum!


Yeah it is good isnt it!---and this is much like what ran through my head when i read it---a major account like Mcd's would pump a substantial charity check through his company---actually his Daughters company. I also heard that he is seriously considering retiring from both acting and car racing now that he is 80!!! They say that he and Redford are look hard for a story they can work with for his last film.
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RE: Latest from McD"S 2005/03/14 10:49:20 (permalink)
anybody see the report on ABC sunday night? McDonalds ranked last in a group of 10 fast food chains for sanitation problems at their restaurants, Jack In The Box finished first.
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RE: Latest from McD"S 2005/03/14 13:04:18 (permalink)
Originally posted by marcbla

anybody see the report on ABC sunday night? McDonalds ranked last in a group of 10 fast food chains for sanitation problems at their restaurants, Jack In The Box finished first.

Yeah, it was on Dateline on NBC. Even more damming was the fact that it was an update of an earlier series of inspections & reports in which all the restaurants were told the results and given time to straighten out their act.

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RE: Latest from McD"S 2005/03/14 17:36:45 (permalink)
The "I'm lovin it" add deal is a turn off, about on par with BK's nerd who never had a whopper campaign that flopped 2 decades ago at least for me.I guess I'm another who does't wait for, won't go back to Micky D's or have any more quarte pounders or big maks or whatever. They just aren't very good. In the late eighties I used to stop once in a while on the way to work in the morning if I had a hankering for a bacon egg and cheese buttermilk biscuit sandwhich. Problem was, far more often than not they would tell me after I paid that I'd have a couple minute wait, please pull over and they would bring out the order. Between 5 and as long as 15 minutes later they would stroll out with teh stuff. last time was about 1989, I paid and I was told it would be 10 minutes, I asked for a substitute item that was on the shelf ready to go and between the teen at teh counter and theri computer/accounting interface they could not handle it. That was the last voluntary visit. When the kids were 3-6 years old we had to make the occasional obligatory visit, mostly to use the play place maze. The littel chicken taco thingies were about the only thing there we would consider eating.
I remeber in the early eighties when they came out with the chicken nuggets and I said to myself "Finally, a food so simple even mcD's can't mess it up. Then I tried one of the little grissle and cartalidge filled Pseudo chincken tings floating in a grease solution withing a deep fried membrane and realized they had screwed up yet another simple food item.
Big mac's......I cannot recall having one since the mid eighties and I ain't missing them yet.
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