Latest poll: dearly departed establishments

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2010/09/01 18:56:58 (permalink)

Latest poll: dearly departed establishments

Just a comment regarding the polls: I love 'em and please keep 'em coming.  However, there should always be an option available for "None of the Above" or "Don't Know".  For today's poll, I've never heard of any of these places (OK, so I'm an ignorant West-coaster).  I don't want to select one at random and skew the results, but the website won't let me see the results unless I vote.  What a dilemma!

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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/01 19:24:38 (permalink)
    My first reaction to this poll was, "Damn, when did Commons Lunch and Doidges close?"  I have never heard of Gail's Station HouseBruce, can you tell us more about the place?
    Chiodo's was a hard drinking place, with bras hanging from the ceiling of the bar, right at the end of the Homestead High Level Bridge, right outside Pittsburgh.  They were most famous for a huge sandwich called the mystery sandwich.  They were so big, even a half of one was more than enough of a meal for me.  Where Chiodo's used to be is now one of those CVS/Walgreen drug stores.  A real shame!
    Of the ones listed in the poll, Uglesich's gets my vote.  It is one of the very best restaurants I have ever been in.
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/01 19:36:18 (permalink)
    I, also can't particapate.
    California had a place called Doidge?
    Bring back Stern's BBQ!
    Bring back Woody's Smorgesbord!
    Bring back Marmelade that just sold to a conglomerate!
    Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/01 22:25:54 (permalink)
    Gail's Station House was located in Ridgefield, CT, right in the Sterns' backyard.  It served breakfast, lunch, and dinner but I think it really shone at breakfast.  The cheddar corn pancakes, drizzled with real maple syrup, were one of my all-time favorite Roadfood delicacies.    I kind of forget but I think they had a bad fire and never reopened.  Here's  the Sterns' review, from the archive:
    Although dinner is served Friday and Saturday nights and you can have a superfine hamburger at lunch seven days a week, we think of Gail’s Station House as a breakfast place.  We are not alone in that opinion, for on a nice summer morning it is thronged by people from Ridgefield and surrounding towns as well as visitors from New York, all hoping to get a precious table inside or on the sidewalk.

    Gail’s is a quintessential Main Street café with a friendly wooden counter facing a large blackboard menu, its walls decorated with an ever changing exhibit of work by local artists as well as an ever-expanding collection of vintage ladies’ hats.  The view at the counter is not only of the blackboard, where you see lists of the day’s pies, breads, coffee cakes, teas, and juices, as well as a series of cake stands on which scones and muffins are arrayed.  They are beautiful pastries, and we would recommend eating two or three of them if it weren’t for the fact that Gail’s big hot breakfasts demand serious appetite-attention.  Three-egg omelets come with toast made from fresh-baked bread as well as deliciously spuddy red potatoes.  Some egg specialties are served in small cast-iron skillets:  “Texas Pink,” a combination of jalapeño peppers and scrambled eggs; “Barney's Breakfast,” which is melted cheddar and Canadian bacon atop scrambled eggs and red potatoes; and “Leo's Skillet,” a scramble of eggs, smoked salmon and scallions … served, of course, with a bagel and cream cheese.

    Best of all are pancakes:  plain ones and buckwheat ones, pancakes with blueberries, bananas, or chocolate chips – all available, of course, with bacon or sausage, and all served with pure maple syrup.  Our favorites are cheddar corn cakes, their tawny surface mottled with spots where cheddar cheese has turned crusty on the grill, the buttery batter inside studded with corn niblets.  Drizzle on some syrup and you have a plate of four-star food, all the more enjoyable for the country comfort of the friendly cafe that serves it.

    Gail’s is open for breakfast and lunch every day of the week; an evening meal is served only Friday and Saturday nights.
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 00:07:45 (permalink)
    Wife Trudy made the cheddar corn cakes from the Gail's recipe(featured in the 500 things book) and they were a taste delight. my one visit to berghoff's was memorable as i loved the sandwiches, sam loved the root beer. i seem to remember stopping at a Berghoff at O'Hare. i heard of some of the others but I only have real memories of Berghoff's.
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 11:11:03 (permalink)
    This was a tough one for me.  Like many of you, I had never visited several of these places.
    I was torn between the Berghoff and Kaelin's.  I went to the Berghoff many times (going back to when I was an undergrad and grad student at Northwestern in the 1970s), and loved it, especially their broiled whitefish and root beer.  I even bought a couple of Berghoff plates when they announced they were going out of business.  But I was so dismayed at the way they chose to go out of business initially, and then regroup as a shadow of their former self, that I voted for Kaelin's, instead.
     I only went to Kaelin's one time, about a year before they closed, but I thought it was great.  They were known for their cheeseburgers, of course, but I ate excellent fried chicken there. Plus, the waitress was terrific.  I was very sorry when they closed, as Kaelin's was very convenient to the Louisville airport and was a great choice either after arrival (as we experienced it) or prior to departure. 
    Although I went to law school in Nashville, I only dined at the Belle Meade Buffet once.  It was very good, but, for me,  it paled in comparison to Laughner's cafeterias in my home state of Indiana -- another wonderful place, well known to the Sterns and many Roadfooders, now also, regrettably, also closed. 
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 11:32:50 (permalink)
    There still is a berghoff cafe at the united
    terminal at ohare. Not the same, of course.
    But great if you are stuck in the airport!
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 11:40:21 (permalink)
    Agreed!  I had a great breakfast of bacon and root beer there last Spring!
    mayor al
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 14:54:04 (permalink)
    Ahhhh! Berghoff Root Beer is one of the Best !!
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/02 17:42:39 (permalink)
    The original Berghoff's is still around:
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    Re:Latest poll: dearly departed establishments 2010/09/09 19:20:33 (permalink)
    in Akron, Ohio at Highland Square was a wonderful hole in the wall Dodies Cafe, good food, cheep prices, till two mean P%$#@ took over the building and would not renew their lease, they also chased out an old Beauty Parlor, old fashioned, real nice too, bring back Dodies at Highland Square with those wonderful breakfast served all day Pancakes, so light buttermilk and fluffy oh for one of  those stacks right now, they used to be open till 7pm
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