Laura Scudders bbq chips from the 70's

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2007/02/16 16:34:48 (permalink)

Laura Scudders bbq chips from the 70's

I want to know if anyone out there misses the original Laura Scudders bbq potato chips? I can't find any chip these days that has the same bbq flavor that those did. I was totally addicted to those chips.

I haven't had those since I'd say the mid 80's. If anyone knows where I can find that flavor, please let me know. I live in the San Fernando Valley, California, USA.

bye bye

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    RE: Laura Scudders bbq chips from the 70's 2007/02/16 17:14:19 (permalink)
    Actually I see them all the time at the Big Lots chain, which is basically a merchandiser of overstocks and buy outs. I'm not sure if they have any locations on the west coast. I 've never tried them, for I'm pretty much a plain potato chip purist and honestly don't eat potato chips all that much because of cardiac issues. When I indulge in treats, it's just usually not potato chips.
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    RE: Laura Scudders bbq chips from the 70's 2007/02/17 12:51:00 (permalink)
    i remember and miss them a lot. i was raised in southern california and they were my favorite, along with bell brand 'garlic and onion'. i haven't lived in california since 1974, but i have cyber friends that still live there. on occasion, they run across these chips and send them to me. quite a treat.
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