Lee's Fried Chicken

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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/01/13 14:40:07 (permalink)
As another poster on here wrote, we used to have two Lee's Famous Recipes here in Springfield, Illinois.   I always went to the one on MacArthur Blvd. and it was SO good!   Much better than KFC.   The potato wedges were so delicious!

Unfortunately, we lost both of them years ago.   We also lost Brown's Chicken and Church's Chicken.   We're down to KFC and Popeyes.   Oh, and Hardees if and when they choose to have chicken.
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/01/13 15:54:10 (permalink)
I've eaten at a number of Lee's Famous Recipe outlets in the mid-South over the years, and for the most part I've been pretty pleased. I always judge fast-food chicken by a different set of standards than I do the "real" thing ( Gray Bros. or White Fence Farm, for example. ) Lee's is definitely better than the crud that they're currently serving at KFC ( I remember when the Colonel's chicken actually tasted good - that sure ages me! )  
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/06/19 07:46:53 (permalink)
We have one here in Spartanburg,been at the same location for 20-25 years.The chickens always good.I especially like their potato wedges.
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/06/19 09:57:44 (permalink)
We ate at one in Rock Hill SC at the strong recommendation of Chris Ayers (ayersian) and it was really pretty good--some sides better than the others.  And the dining room was laid out for an employees' buffet at the time (it was close to Christmas) and I was trying to rubberneck and see what they had brought. 
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/06/21 09:16:42 (permalink)
We have a Lees here in Richmond.  It is not too far from Buz & Ned's BBQ so I have done a run for both a few times, since I live almost an hour away and don't get into town that often.

Many people around here think it is a local place and that it vaguely has something to do with General Lee.

I like the chicken and to me it tastes sort of how KFC used to taste.
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/06/22 22:08:38 (permalink)
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken is great!  At least it is in Mattoon, IL.  I eat lunch there once a week.  Their red beans and rice is pretty good too.
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RE: Lee's Fried Chicken 2009/12/25 22:32:40 (permalink)
I just ate at the one in Mattoon for the first time, and it was pretty good.  The mashed potatoes were a bit bland, but I enjoyed the red beans and rice. 
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