Lemonade Stands

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2012/06/02 18:41:05 (permalink)

Lemonade Stands

The current closed poll question about buying from kids' lemonade stands ignores an option: buying the lemonade, but not drinking it. Face it, kids are not well-known for their sanitation. If they can't find a spoon to stir the lemonade, they can use their fingers, and probably not washing them first. And Lord knows whether or not they picked their noses.  I will often buy a lemonade from the stand, but I never actually drink the stuff.
I recall doing some calculations at one time, at a Costco. I looked at the bulk price for Country Time Lemonade mix, and for cans of soda, and figured that if the kids just put some cans of soda in an ice chest, cooled with ice and water, and charged a buck a can, they could make a lot more money, and people wouldn't be as suspicious of the product, and therefore much more likely to buy.
Your thoughts?

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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/02 19:47:53 (permalink)
    I don't buy the lemonade.  It just never looks good and I usually see the stands at garage sales at 8AM in the morning.  Much to early for lemonade.
    I do buy the brownies and cookies.
    If I were walking down the street on a very hot afternoon, it might be different.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/02 23:47:11 (permalink)
    This isn't 1952.
    Parents should not set kids up for failure and disappointment by encouraging an almost certain to fail enterprise.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/03 01:39:06 (permalink)
    Read this and then tell me you're not gonna support a kids Lemonade Stand.
    I've never heard of anyone ever getting sick or dying from drinking a little kids lemonade.
    I wouldn't call this "Setting a Kid up for Failure" --
    I'd call it "Setting a Kid up for Success"!
    They've raised over $50 Million to fight Childrens Cancer!
    This year's "Lemonade Days" are this coming weekend - June 8,9 & 10th - 2012.
    A pox on you if you see a stand and don't stop and buy a cup!
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/03 09:12:38 (permalink)
    I'm a little unsure about the lemonade too, and for that matter, the baked goods or other products as well...who knows what handling or prep methods were used.
    But I love the entrepreneurial spirit involved, and the friendliness and hope in the kids' faces, and it's a slice of Americana that we can still enjoy, even when everything else seems to be changing so fast.
    Are we setting them up to fail, or to learn  the life lesson that sometimes plans and hopes work out and sometimes they do not?  Depending on circumstance, a stand could easily succeed or fail.
    I always stop, seldom drink the stuff, but every kid sitting there gets a buck, regardless.  We have driven around the block to do that many times.  It's such a small gesture for us, but to them it means so much.  And we really want them to "succeed."
    One day I was out on a power walk, down a quiet street with almost no traffic, and these three little girls were sitting by their stand.  When I got close, I got three big smiles and they sang out "Free for walkers!"  Well, I had to have two big glasses of that, but had no cash on me.  But I was soon right back, and each of those little cuties got a five-spot.
    I've seen some families doing bartl's suggestion, and selling canned soda and water.  It's really a better idea, but darn it, some of the fun goes away.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/03 12:55:37 (permalink)
    In my neighborhood, I've never seen a kids lemonade stand without at least one or two moms or dads standing by. And the very reason is because, it isn't 1952!
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/03 13:35:12 (permalink)
    I am astounded that we are all so paranoid about kids selling lemonade! I am shocked at all of your reactions. I buy it out of principal, and love these kids for doing it. How fun , to me, seeing these kids do what I did in the 60's. Get over all the germ warfare, my friends.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/04 14:05:08 (permalink)
    I have a policy about buying Lemonade, candy bars, etc from kids.. Do it! I sold girl scout cookies as a child and felt great everytime someone made a purchase. I learned hard work felt good! So maybe I don't care for a glass of lemonade, but I will buy it, along with that candy bar that I know I will eat.. but I shouldn't,  as I want the kids to have that same feeling that hard work is good for you, and it pays off.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/04 14:09:29 (permalink)
    ann peeples

    I am astounded that we are all so paranoid about kids selling lemonade! I am shocked at all of your reactions. I buy it out of principal, and love these kids for doing it. How fun , to me, seeing these kids do what I did in the 60's. Get over all the germ warfare, my friends.

    i am with you on this one.
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    Re:Lemonade Stands 2012/06/06 17:35:01 (permalink)
    I love seeing kids lemonade stands....they are soooo easy to rob!
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