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2006/07/06 14:55:22 (permalink)


Is there anyone else out there besides myself that enjoys limburger cheese? A good limburger cheese sammitch made with dark bread or even sourdough is my favorite, with a thick slice of onion, with mayo on one side and yellow mustard on the other. A dill or sour pickle on the side is good. This sammitch is akin to the liverwurst or braunsweiger. The smellier the limburger, the better! You had better plan on sleeping alone unless your mate shares your fare.

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    RE: Limburger 2006/07/06 18:47:22 (permalink)
    I love limburger cheese on seeded fresh rye bread with fresh cut white onion. Every year in August, a group of us have a Limburger Cheese Festival at the house of a 95 year old friend of the family that is a retired doctor. I personally drive 35 miles to Cutter's Cheese in Pembrooke, NY that makes fresh 14 ounce blocks for around $5.00 per block. Each year I buy eight blocks then stop at Wegman's bakery to get fresh baked seeded rye bread and fresh white onions.

    Our 95 year old friend states that limburger cheese is one of the best foods for your digestive track.
    It might stink but boy it sure tastes outstanding!
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    RE: Limburger 2006/07/06 23:22:25 (permalink)
    I love the stuff. I like to make grilled cheese sanwhiches with it, with mashed-up roasted garlic cloves melted in with the cheese.

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    RE: Limburger 2006/07/07 07:25:02 (permalink)
    Baumgartner's Tavern in Monroe Wisconsin is a great place for limburger sandwichs. Monroe is in Green County Wisconsin, the heart of cheese country.
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    RE: Limburger 2006/07/07 09:17:09 (permalink)'s's

    And that's all I got to say about that.


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    RE: Limburger 2006/07/08 21:50:16 (permalink)
    I go with dark, coarse bread, raw onion, and strong ale.
    I also limit it to when my fiance' is out of town
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